5 Fixes for your Kitchen

Written by Posted On Thursday, 25 June 2015 09:14

For most homeowners, their kitchen can be their favorite place in their home, that is, unless they have an outdated kitchen straight from the 70's. As a natural gathering place in your home, whether it be for the food or it's central location, updating your kitchen should be the number one project on your list. Here are some key update areas that you may want to consider as you take on your kitchen:



This is probably the most inexpensive and easiest way to update your kitchen. Wallpaper can create an outdated and stuffy look, whereas a fresh coat of paint can brighten and really bring a kitchen together. You don't have to shy away from bold colors, but if you prefer a more neutral color don't forget about soft blues, greens, and yellows that can add some color without being too overwhelming. 



If your cabinets aren't in great shape they can be the biggest eyesore for your kitchen. While updating cabinets can be pricey if you hire a contractor, you might be better off taking it on yourself. To refresh old cabinets it's as easy as sanding down the fronts, painting, staining, and then installing new hardware onto them. You'll want to plan out how extensive you want to go with revamping cabinets so that it doesn't get too expensive. 



Nobody wants to eat or spend time in a dark kitchen, which is why improving the lighting should be a top priority on your list of things to fix. Recessed ceiling cans are a great way to produce some good, general lighting in your kitchen. If you have a fancier dining room attached to your kitchen, try installing an eye-catching chandelier. 



For the flooring in your kitchen, you'll want to stay away from dated linoleum or vinyl. If you plan to redo your floor, try going for a sealed wood or new tile. If you find that real wood is too pricey, you can also invest in a porcelain design that imitates real wood quite well. Another perk to add if you haven't gone over your budget are electric heating mats underneath to warm feet during the colder weather. 



The space between the counter and cabinets or ceiling can draw attention if they are outdated or if they have an "ancient" design. Updating this space can be fairly simple because there isn't too much of it, and you can create an entire new look just by putting in new, subway tiles that match the rest of your kitchen.


Of course, these updates don't have to be completed in a single weekend. Take your time and plan out your renovation so that everything meets your wants and needs. You may be surprised by how much your new kitchen will really bring your whole home together!


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