8 Decorating Tips and Tricks for Older Homes

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Older homes often have so much character and history that decorating them can be quite a challenge. How do you balance upgrading the home’s décor and still be able to manage preserving some of the home’s features? We’re here to the rescue! Buying an older home doesn’t mean being stuck in the past, it is actually a leap into the future! With these 8 awesome decorating tips and tricks for older homes, you’ll be at the forefront of a home décor trend!

Make Stained Glass a Design Feature


If you’ve bought a home with stained glass windows, you can simply clean them up to bring out the vibrancy of the design and paint surrounding walls white. It would be like having free artwork, but what if you’re not a fan of white walls? Then go for a hue which complements the colour of the stained glass. You’d love how luxurious and rich it would look!

Hide Imperfect Ceilings, Trims, and Walls With Paint


It would be a waste of both time and money to replace all the trim and mouldings in an older home especially if they are still beautiful although just a bit flawed. Intricate patterns like those in older homes are very expensive these days and it might take months for you to get it all done. What to do? Paint the walls, ceiling, and trims all the same colour to hide imperfections. They’d look like new again!

Feature Your Window Trims


If the trim around your windows are still in great shape and would make for a fantastic design feature, you can use in-window shades to ensure they won’t get buried under curtains and drapes. This modern touch effectively meshes with most designs. It also will totally make a room seem more contemporary while still preserving the look of the place.

Use a Mix of Modern and Traditional Elements


If you have a home with a real vintage feel to it, try adding some modern design elements (like blinds) to make things seem more updated. It would also help your modern appliances and gadgets look more at-home in your place.

Use Zoning to Update Rooms With Unusual Layouts


Some older homes tend to have extra-long hallways and rooms which can seem awkward for the modern eye. Breaking a room or hallway like that into zones by using area rugs and seating groupings can really zoom an older home into the present.

Conceal Awkward Windows With Drapery


Ah, the awkward looking windows. Every older home seems to have one of those; but it’s a good thing that you can easily conceal it with some drapery without blocking out the light. Now, this is a great idea!

Go for Airy Shelving Units


Airy shelving units gives a gallery-like vibe without disturbing the existing look and feel of a place. They don’t complete with a room’s intricate details, plus they are great for displaying collectibles and other things which you may want to display at your home. Besides, who doesn’t love more storage?

Add Weathered-Looking Pieces


There’s a reason why shabby-chic furniture stores are making such huge profits these days, it is because weathered pieces are plain eye candy! How can you say no to a few distressed pieces when they often complement any room they are placed in? You can even DIY this tip!

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