Choosing the Outdoor Umbrella That Best Fits Your Outdoor Space

Written by Posted On Monday, 29 June 2015 07:55

Nothing is more relaxing than having to sit or lie down on your comfortable chair or any other furniture on your home’s garden, patio, or deck during summer days. Whether you are having a refreshing drink, reading a book, or simply unwinding, enjoying the warm weather can be truly a worthwhile experience. However, the direct sunlight can be annoying, not to mention pose a health risk given the UV rays that the sun emits. Thus, you need to have an outdoor umbrella that provides shade not just for you, but also for your home’s outdoor area.

If you are planning to purchase an outdoor umbrella for your garden, deck, patio, or the side of your swimming pool, or if you have a business that utilizes your establishment’s outdoor space, you must know that this piece of equipment is more than just a shade provider. Indeed, it comes in different patterns and colors, which further complements whatever outdoor furnishings that you have. It also comes in different frames and sizes, which brings out functionality and style for your outdoor space. More importantly, an outdoor umbrella comes in different types, each unique in their own way.

You might be thinking long and hard as to the best outdoor umbrella to purchase, but it pays to seek help from stores that sell these home additions. Stores such as Makmax umbrellas are ready to help you determine the one that would perfectly fit your outdoor space, given their wide array of selections. For instance, you will most likely be informed on the type of outdoor umbrellas they have in store for customers like you. Below is a list of some of those common types:

·         Residential type. One of the most common types of outdoor umbrellas, this type is something that you can insert through a hole of a round patio table. This type is also the cheapest of the many types of outdoor umbrellas.

·         Market type. Also one of the most common types of outdoor umbrellas, this type is higher in quality and design over the residential type. Well-known for its octagonal design, it is best used not just in outdoor spaces at home, but also in beaches and other commercial areas.

·         Cantilever type. The design of this type of outdoor umbrella is different; it has a base that is strong enough to support the umbrella itself, which is suspended on the side. You can purchase this type if you don’t want its base to distract you.

·         Commercial type. If you have a business like a restaurant or café, you would surely be having customers dine outside of your establishment. Since you need to give shade in your establishment’s outdoor space, you need this type of umbrella that has a heavy duty design.

Apart from these types, stores like Makmax umbrellas would definitely have outdoor umbrellas for residential and commercial use that comes with various types of canopy fabric material. Not only should the color and the pattern of the fabric be taken into account; the material must also be looked at. When choosing for such a material for the umbrella’s canopy, it must be able to withstand fadeouts, especially when exposed under the sun’s rays. It must also do a great job blocking out not just the sunlight, but also the harmful UV rays.

Because of the many considerations that must be taken into account when choosing for the right outdoor umbrella, shopping for it must be given enough time and effort. You know that buying one or a couple of such items is an investment, which is why you should not only look at the aesthetics of an outdoor umbrella, but also on its functionality.



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