Paint Sprayers: Are They Good?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 01 July 2015 03:19

When preparing your realty estate to sale you even if it is not new, you have to make it look like new one. The easiest way here is to repaint the walls and porches (if a house has them). Probably every person in this world has ever tried painting with a brush or a roller. Using paintbrushes is good but only for small areas on the walls. Paint rollers just like brushes lay down a very thick coat of paint. But when laying a very thick coast it usually pretty hard to make it perfectly nice so you waste not just time but also your nerves. So today a lot of homeowners get more and more attracted to the idea of graco spray machines.

Why Choosing Graco Spray Machines?

The greatest benefit of graco spray machines is that they allow covering pretty wide swaths with small effort as compared to paint rollers or brushes. Moreover, as an added benefit, paint spray machines will override surface imperfections like gaps, cracks, bumps, and many other things that, as a rule, cause problems for brushes or paint rollers. The next positive effect from using graco spray machines is that they allow for a more even coat. 

While inside of your house you might have midst which is a tough sell for graco spray machines, they are almost created for exterior painting: you can easily overspray few problems, have a possibility to hide inevitable imperfections on exterior siding with simple usage of paint spray machines.

What Kind To Buy?

First of all, getting a new spray machine is like getting a car, you can get one from $500 to thousands. For DIY purposes you can get a relatively cheap graco spray machine, but if you hire a professional you would see that he or she owes one for a couple of thousand dollars. The cheapest and most comfortable choice of graco spray machines for “amateurs” is a “cup gun” spray machine.

As a rule, you can buy such a machine in your local home improvement store. This type of graco spray machines is electrically operated, and consists of a look-alike gun that on top of it has a reservoir with a small amount of paint, usually you would get it for one quart or so.

The greatest thing about this type of graco spray machines is that there is no need to separate air compressor from the gun to push the paint out, because this spray machine has its own compressor. All you need is to plug it in. One more great advantage for those who need to do the renovation quickly and without spending much money is the price, which is for this type of graco spray machines usually under $100. Sometimes, you can get some models in the $30 or $40 range.

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