Make Your Bathroom Luxurious in 10 Easy Ways

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While many consider the bedroom as a home’s place of rest, there are also those who look forward to capping their day off with a lavish bath, thus making the bathroom their favorite area in the house. After all, who wouldn’t relish the idea of literally washing the day’s stress away?

If you wish to turn your bathroom into a plush chamber, here are 10 easy ways you can do to make it look and feel luxurious: 


1. Upgrade your showerhead.

To be fair, not everyone has the time to draw a bubble bath and indulge in it. A shower is always a welcome means to freshen up. So instead of seeing it as something you only have to do, why not make showering an actual treat? 

If you have the traditional showerhead in your bathroom, it’s time to swap that for the raindrop one. Not only does a rainfall shower feel special, the water is also gentler on the skin which can help you relax better.


2. Hang a piece of art. 

Break the monotony of the tiled wall by installing art in your bathroom. You can hang a painting across the tub, one that you can meditate on while enjoying a lavender bubble bath. You can also put up curated art pieces and place them in your bathroom as if it were a gallery. 


3. Work around a theme. 

Inspire a classic ambience in your bathroom by sticking to a stylish theme and work around it. For instance, if you are partial to wooden motif, you can use wicker baskets for linen, paper towels, and/or as wastebaskets. You can also use wooden holders for toothbrush, soap, and other supplies. Apart from highlighting a specific material for a theme, you also have the option to accent your bathroom with a color of your choice.


4. Get a bathtub tray.

Baths spent in the tub are meant to take time but sometimes it isn’t just the suds that we rely on to calm us. If you like to listen to music or to read a book while you take a dip, add a tray to your bathtub so you won’t have to worry about your things falling into the water. You can even make room for your wineglass while you relax.


5. Throw in cozy furniture. 

Give your bathroom a cozier vibe by setting up furniture that matches your theme. For example, instead of going for the conventional lavatory, go for a vintage wooden washstand like an over mount sink, and then pair it with a wooden towel rack. You can also set up a countertop basin on a vanity to give the illusion of white space. Complete the look by throwing in a matching chair and your bathroom is set.


6. Decorate with details.

Plain tiles make for safe choices but if you want to give your walls a facelift, do it with a mosaic tile installation. You can do it for your entire bathroom’s interior and go for the gradient effect of your chosen color palette. You also have the option to pick a specific wall and give it dimension with backsplash mosaic designs and patterns. 

Mosaics are great for adding texture into an otherwise plain room or wall.  However, if you’re on the minimalist side of decorating, you can still incorporate mosaic patterns as accents on your floor or liners on the wall. 


7. Install soft lighting. 

Give your bathroom a warm glow by switching from bright lights to soft ones. Having dim lights in the bath can help you loosen up easier and set the mood for relaxation. Set soft lights in the vanity area and the shower for a consistent atmosphere. You can also light aromatherapy candles by the sink and around the tub to engage your senses more as you take a bath.


8. Dress up your sink.

If your sink is installed against the wall and you need to cover the exposed plumbing, you can do so by putting a curtain that complements your theme. Indulge your bathroom in high-quality cotton for your sink’s skirt and don’t forget to add a little flair by throwing in a printed fabric or one that has texture.


9. Mount a fancy mirror.

Add character to your bathroom by putting up a big stylish mirror across the vanity. One of the most common choices is an oval wall-hung mirror especially for smaller spaces, but more spacious bathrooms may do better with a wide and framed rectangular mirror. 


10. Invest in plush linen.

Probably one of the easiest hacks to have an expensive bathroom is by stocking up on soft and high-quality linen. Neutral colors are ideal if you want to give your bathroom the feel of a hotel’s or a spa’s. You can also opt to have your towels monogrammed for a fancier appearance. Don’t forget to switch your rug to one that matches your towels to keep your linen uniformed. Finally, treat yourself and your guests to soft paper towels for a more luxurious bathroom stay.


The fun part comes with choosing among the myriad of options available. Just remember to maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness to keep it pleasant. Assign a place for the essentials, keep everything in its place, and make sure all supplies are well-stocked.


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