College Housing Options for International Students

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This article will describe homestay programs and rentals in the neighborhood because not all colleges in Toronto have dorms.


There are a lot of international students in any college in Toronto, and all of them usually face the problem of housing. Many two-year schools are not generally famous for a great variety of housing options. It is absolutely typical for students who attend any community college in Toronto to live with parents or commute from their homes. As administration of one college in Toronto says, "Community colleges now start to hold on-campus or neighborhood housing as a very important marketing advantage for international students recruiting".


A lot of community colleges which have a lot of international students, a special housing program exists. It includes options like host family accommodations or traditional college dorms. Usually international students are willing to live in more English speaking environment, because interaction with native speakers helps them pick up and improve their English skills.


One college in Toronto has a homestay program with 400 families that are ready to take students. In a homestay programs, as a rule, international students have to pay some fee if they want to stay in a private room of the home. Meal option depend on the type of a program.

Staying with a family during the study period at a college helps student's transition to living in Toronto and Canada in general. It also allows the student's home family to feel much more comfortable about their children's abroad living.


Almost all international students in any college in Toronto find homestay opportunities. Do not think that all hosts are families; some of them are only individuals or couples. But all of them have agreed to not just provide a place to live for the students but also to help in their cultural exchange participation.


Do not be afraid that a student goes to nowhere when living with host families because they go through extensive screening with occasional home visits, compulsory background and reference checks. Also international student when applying for a homestay program at any college in Toronto has the right to ask the following questions about the housing options: 


1. Guaranteed housing. This issue is extremely important in rural areas. Providers have no problems to find housing for any student in a college in Toronto, but finding a house in a small rural town is much more difficult.


2. Distance from campus. In cities where there is not so much public transport like in Toronto, host families should be living very close to campus. This is also very important with any off-campus rental (if a student chooses one). 


3. Meals. Homestay programs have options with and without meals, just like on-campus programs. It is highly recommended to ask your college in Toronto or any other Canada city about meals options: whether they are included or not; and if yes, then how many times a day. 


Any student in any college in Toronto needs to know that he or she has a support system and will always get a way out of any situation where they might feel uncomfortable or unhappy. 


Barbara Collins operates as a content producer for a big array of online content networks, who focuses on a variety of educational institutions themes exemplified by housing issues in a college in Toronto and other Canada areas. He is a restless nomad of internet community and an influential figure in all that has to do with the educational institutions.


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