10 Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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Living in a small flat is tough. Research from the Royal Institute of British Architects identifies the lack of space as the most common cause of dissatisfaction people cite in relation to their homes. “Happily living in a small home is first of all about psychology”, says Hannah Booth, homes editor at Guardian Weekend. "You can live without much more than you think."

Keeping all your belongings neat and organised is challenging with limited space. How do you arrange your things without it looking too crammed? To help you get an idea, here are 10 tips and tricks for storage in a small bedroom:


1.  Functional furniture storage

Avoid storage that takes up your valuable floor space. Small bedrooms cannot accommodate too many standalone cabinets or shelves. Look into furniture that also acts as storage. Keep extra pillows and linens under the bed. Store your magazines and books in a bedside table. A console table for the bed can be used as a shelf or desk for work or Sunday brunch. Furniture with built-in storage lets you keep what you need within reach. 


2. Limit your decorations

You don’t want your bedroom to look drab, but go easy on bedroom accents and accessories. Too much decor, wall hangings, or random knick-knacks will make your small space feel cluttered. Edit and select a few pieces that work in the bedroom. Everything that doesn’t cut it can be moved to another room. Think about the bedroom as a place for rest and it will be easier to take out what doesn’t belong there. 


3. Stackable furniture

With limited space, unnecessary furniture is your worst enemy. If you want the option of having more furniture, an interesting workaround is stackable furniture. This is furniture in several pieces that can be arranged to accommodate more or stacked to save space when not in use. Colourful stackable cushions are great in a kid’s room for sleepovers. The piece featured below is more for adults with guests over.


4. Choose multi-tasking furniture

Make the most out of your furniture by making them double duty. A small table with enough space in the bottom can act as a night stand. With a small chair, it can also act a desk or even a simple vanity. The best part about flexible pieces is that you can easily repurpose them when needed.


5. Raise your bed

Under the bed is usually where things get stowed away. Instead of putting a few things, consider raising the bed to make use of all that room. Place a low table and computer chair to use it as your desk. Add some rods and a few shelves and you have a wardrobe. Complete the look with some curtains that add color and keep your clothes out of sight.


6. Fit open shelving in your bedroom

A floor-to-ceiling shelf unit is a great way to organize, decorate, and divide a room. Boxes and baskets in the shelves act as a neat way to store your things. Use a section or two for a bookshelf. Placing photos and ornaments gives the room more personality. A tall shelf unit like this can also act as a room divider to screen off another area like a work desk or closet.


7. Fitted storage solution

Although a pricey option, you can also consider fitted furniture. Fitted furniture is custom-built to maximizes every inch of your living space. It makes good use of all the vertical space leaving no gaps or wasted space. Another great thing about this option is it seamlessly fits into your bedroom and keeps all of the storage invisible.


8. Maximise the closet

Consider what you need access to on a daily basis versus every few months. Keep rarely used articles of clothing in the higher shelves and keep daily items nearby. Shoe racks, belt hangers, and bag hooks help keep things tucked away yet easily accessible. If your flat doesn’t have the luxury of a closet, the example makes good use of baskets, rods, and hangers.


9. Trunks and vintage suitcases

Unused trunks or old suitcases come in handy for storing items. A flat-topped trunk doubles as a seat or even a bedside cabinet. Vintage suitcases look great in stacks and can accommodate seasonal clothes and other bulky items that don’t need to be in the closet.


10. Get rid of clutter

To make your small space feel big, get rid of all the clutter. Invest in good storage solutions for a smarter, more organized look. Practice a sort-of spring cleaning. Twice a year, assess all of your belongings, and what you haven’t been using should be on its way to a new home.

A small living space doesn’t have to cramp your style. A smart choice of furniture and tidying up your things make a big difference. Do you have a small bedroom? How do you deal with storage? Share your thoughts in the comments! 




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