How to Market Your Real Estate Globally: Presenting Neil Emilfarb's Dukley Gardens

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We are slowly reaching that moment when the work of the real estate agents will become entirely obsolete. If you are a real estate agent and you are reading this, it’s not entirely your fault, don’t worry, and just go away. If you are not a real estate agent and you‘re reading this, it is entirely their fault. In the modern era you can get a free DIY online on how to perform comparative market analysis, explained thoroughly and in all details, and marketing online is the best way to let the word out today so real estate agents should really start sweating for their money, don’t you think?

We will address the online exposure and marketing soon enough, but before we start, take a look at this wonderful complex, called Dukley Gardens. The investor behind this project is a less known figure, his name is Neil Emilfarb, and although he is from the US, this complex is located in south-eastern Europe, in the Montenegro at the Adriatic Sea. Most of us have no idea whatsoever where this place is, a thorough search suggest that this is a middle-income country, once part of the Socialist Federal Republics of the Yugoslavia. So how come the starting price for a one bedroom apartment is almost $750,000?

This wouldn’t be such a surprise if we were somewhere in New York, but this is southeast Europe. Not to talk trash about someone, but even for a luxury apartment it seems kind of pricey. Sure, it looks wonderful, all the commodities are there, everyone would love spending a vacation on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, but still – Montenegro? And $750,000 is the starting price? Really?

I know what you are thinking: who would buy one of those?! Well Steven Seagal would! Not only him, but 65% of the apartments are already sold, and people are practically racing to throw money at the investors. Maybe it’s because of the vast blue sea, maybe because the country is so rich with history, but buyers simply love this place.

OK, now let’s be realistic. Your estate might not be a piece of paradise on the exotic and secluded beach, so we will have to turn down on all of that excitement a little bit, but still, there is one important factor that we've maybe disregarded a little bit. Do you know what that is? Well marketing, of course. If you've clicked on the link above, you've certainly wished that you can be there this instant. Most probably - every sane person in the world would've felt the same way. But let’s elaborate on why you felt this way, and how you can apply this model to your real estate.

Online Marketing

Let’s start with the obvious. Agents, pay attention! If there is some research material that can be found online, it’s definitely DIY instructions on how to do marketing online.  Embrace this method, please, because very soon it will be the only one. In fact, we will start selling homes through social media any minute now.

If you want some real time exposure and some serious traffic, it seems like a more reasonable thing to do is to hire a SEO expert to build your profile and a website than to pay for a real estate agent.

Pay attention to details, find the right angle for every possible picture, and please, do take pictures of every single room. There is nothing more frustrating than finding an ad that is incomplete and without proper coverage.

Target Market

Embrace the foreigners and love them like they are your closest relatives! It’s no secret that foreigners simply love the US, and believe it or not, some of them are paying in cash. This is serious business, no banks, no additional fees and taxes (except obligatory ones), a guy just comes at your doorstep with a briefcase. No negotiations, no hassle, a simple cash deposit, few signatures and a handshake.

Why should you sell your house to a foreigner? Simply, because they will pay more. It is not a myth, it is a fact, a person from Hong Kong would love an apartment in New York, it is as simple as that, and all that stuff that Hong Kong is missing and New York has is the reason why. Remember those 65% of purchasers of the Dukley Gardens complex? What do you think, how many of them already own a house at the beach. The majority of the buyers are actually from northern parts of the Europe, they simply couldn't wait for this opportunity.

The secret is in finding the correct target market. Once you follow up on some patterns, with a few logic conclusions, it is easy to assume where you should look for the buyers. This is not unethical, it’s only smart. Plus, once you get involved with all that online marketing, you will soon find out how easy it is to approach the target market.

Of course, these are just the basics, but stay consistent and diligent and you will have no problem with finding that rich… I mean - that right buyer. Happy hunting!



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