A Brief Guide on Interior Design Styles and Wallpaper for Room Walls

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Similar to the fashion, the home shows the personality of the people living there. Nowadays people are ready to spend money on home decors and want their home to look gorgeous. This article discusses the different interior styles available and the tips to choose wallpaper for room wall which suits in all the interior design styles.

Designing interiors is no rocket science and one necessarily doesn’t need to hire a professional to do so. With so much information available online, you can undertake the task yourself. All that you need to know is basic understanding of designs and colour combinations and you are good to go. For example, while choosing the wallpaper for room walls, ensure that they are matching with the design styles. Even though the popular styles are having unique features, they have some common characteristics like lower sitting furniture and clean lines, which often tend to highlight the negative space. Let’s look at some of the common design styles that you can easily adapt.

Contemporary Interior Design:

This type of interior design is equally suited for any space whether for office stores or homes and they look soothing and welcoming without making the space look cluttered and dark. Lines are the main feature of this design which is achieved by using bold colour blocks, “square" edged furniture, high ceilings, linear wooden floors, bare windows, floor mats and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture.  Each piece in this design shows individuality and uniqueness.

Modern Interior Design:

A group of European designers, who started the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany in 1919, designed this style. This style focuses on function and reduces the unnecessary accessories and ornamental elements in other styles. This style is appropriate for small apartments as it maximizes the space and gives a feeling of larger rooms. Asymmetrical balance, neutral colours with polished finishes, minimal textures and geometric forms are key features of this style.

Minimalist Interior Design:

In 1980s in London and New York this style became popular, which is stimulated from the Japanese traditional design and the concept of Zen philosophy.  This style uses natural light to highlight spaces and shapes. The main items in this design are cool white and blue lightning and as the style focuses on minimum usage of furniture, light coloured wallpapers. Unseen storage is another main feature.

Now that you know about some typical design types, you must know wallpaper plays an important role in completing any look.

Wallpaper designs are affordable and using them helps to decorate the home in any popular design style. Now in markets theme based wallpaper designs for living room, bed rooms etc. are available. Let us discuss a few points to be remembered while choosing the wallpapers to match the interior design style.

1. Vertical patterns or stripes make the ceiling appear higher.

2. Horizontal design or stripes widens a room and bring ceilings down.

3. Large patterns usually don’t look good in a small room because they tend to overpower the space and make it smaller. A large, open pattern is best suited for large space.

4. For smaller dimensions, a mini print of paper with a smaller design or geometric design suits well.

5. Dark colours make a room looks smaller and those with a light back drop make the room look larger.

6. Foils and Mylars are good option for small rooms with little or no natural light. Hence not suited for minimalist style. The wall surface must be in nearly perfect condition, however, because the wallpaper’s shiny surfaces emphasize any imperfections.

Based on all this information, choose the wallpaper for room wall in accordance with your design style and make your home look adorable.

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