4 Tips for Buying a Log Home in North Carolina

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Abundant types and designs slide through your mind when you think of buying a new home. One such kind that is worth considering is log home. Log homes give a different appeal to an ideal house. They are durable and look artistically beautiful. They may often fit into your budgets, too.

A log home has unique characteristics and hence before investing in one, you need to ensure some vital things. Here are some tips on how to buy a log home that will help you to get the best value of your money in North Carolina.

1.       Construction method:

Study the construction method of the log cabins in NC. The most popular log home styles are Scandinavian chinkless and Canadian chinkless construction. The first type of construction has logs shaped with concave bottoms. It is created in a way that it exactly fits in the convex curve of the log. This gives it a firm support. The weight is also equally distributed along all the logs, giving a strong and stable finish.


The second type of construction is designed as triangular notches are cut into the bottom part of the logs. This lets them take the support of the logs underneath. The gaps created are visible in this structure. You may choose this type if you are looking for the aesthetics while the former type will offer you better grip and needs less maintenance.

 2.       Real logs:

Check the exteriors of the house properly. Determine that the house is made of artificial or real logs. The home made of real logs is cheaper and durable. You will also need to pay little attention for its maintenance. The walls of such homes are thick and energy-efficient and give a traditional appearance.

 Bears Den Mountain Log Cabin

The difference between artificial and real log homes is prominent. Homes made of real logs will have a solid appearance. On the other hand, siding is seen in artificial log homes. The artificial log homes are semi or partially rounded as against the complete round logs in the former.

 3.       Layout:

Finalize how big and spacious home you require. Selecting the correct layout is very important while checking North Carolina mountain cabins. This is because remodeling and redesigning a log home in future will be a costly affair. Conventional houses have drywall that may be renovated with ease as against the solid walls in log homes. It is thus vital to consider the layout and model properly before buying a log home.

 4.       Appraiser policies:

Confirm the private appraiser policies when you are opting for loan while buying log homes.Some banks may under-appraise a log home's value, which means you will receive less money. You may take help of a private appraiser with expertise in log homes. They will suggest you an accurate amount.

Apart from these, other checks that you make on any other property also needs to be done here. Check the amenities offered and also get a home inspection done for the house. For the best options, you may check log cabins for sale in NC Mountains at The Coves

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