Compac Worktops vs Limestone Worktops

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Worktops play a significant role while getting our kitchens renovated. The kitchen marketplace is replete with a variety of ornate yet durable worktops which not only smoothes the work process in the kitchen, but also accentuates and increases the value of any kitchen. Among these, Compac worktops and limestone worktops are two types of worktops which have been gaining popularity during the last few years. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two to help you make an informed choice.

What are they?

Compac worktops are manufactured using silicon dioxide mixed with additives and put through various scientific processes to get the final product. Whereas limestone is derived from a soft sedimentary material comprising light-colored tiny crustaceans. These can at times be visible even when they are molded into worktops which add to the beauty and uniqueness of natural stones.

Look and feel

Just like traditional stones such as granite, worktops made using Compac are a great combination of resilience, aesthetic appeal and a great-to-touch feel. Moreover, there is a much wider choice of colors and consistent patterns when it comes to choosing quartz than natural stones. On the other hand, Limestone worktops are generally soft-stone materials with a polished or matte finish. Compared to Compac worktops, limestone is available in less colors but offers the same beauty as that of a Compac worktop.

Some limestone worktops have fossils ingrained, thus lending natural beauty to the surface which particularly complements the stainless steel features of kitchenware.


Compac worktops are stain-resistant, non-porous and are highly resistant to cracks and strong impacts. Oils and acidic substances do not cause damage to the stone surface, making these a perfect option for kitchen use. Similarly, limestone worktops are also known for their durability as they can withstand all sorts of bangs and bumps. The hard-wearing nature of limestone ensures that you will not have to worry about replacing it, unless you simply want a change although limestone is more widely used for other areas of a property than kitchen since its porosity implies staining and etching on a kitchen worktop application.


Easy to install and maintain, Compac worktops need nothing more than regular cleaning using a soft sponge and a mild detergent. Furthermore, these don’t require polishing to maintain its luster and scratch-free look. Chlorine bleach or any other strong house-hold cleaning products need to be kept away from both Compac as well as limestone worktops. These chemicals can result in pitting in the stone and must be kept at bay. You should also avoid using sharp objects without a cutting board as it can leave cut marks on both the types of worktops.


For Compac worktops, the price will differ according to the cost of procuring raw materials and production. Premium colors from Compac worktops are more expensive as compared to lower price groups, depending on the additives employed to produce these. Due to its abundance and easy mining process, worktops made using limestone are usually cheaper than quartz worktops.

You should always purchase worktops from reputed brands like MKW Surfaces because inferior quality worktops can not only cause inconvenience but also mar the beauty of your kitchen. So, which of the two are you going to choose? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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