How to Throw a Glamorous Dinner Party at Your 2 BHK Home?

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Planning a party is as much fun as the party itself, if you learn to take it easy and let out your creative juices. The article suggests some tips that are the essentials for arranging a low-party high on glamour.

It has been ages that you got your promotion and your friends have even stopped asking you for a treat. Well, promotion or not – it’s really never too late to throw a party!

We are going to tell you how you can throw a glamorous party right at your apartment. Small space? We’ve got it covered.

How to Throw a Glamorous Dinner Party at Your 2BHK Home

Do it!

The first thing that is stopping you from throwing a fabulous party is your apprehension. Our suggestion: just be out with it. Set a date your friends (and of course you yourself) are most likely to be free and invite them. Once you have a goal in front of you, your planning will start coming into shape.

Light It Up:

Switch off your overhead bright lights for the party. Sure, bright lights make for good reading environment, but them imparting a clinical sort of look to your tastefully decorated room isn’t that appealing an idea.

Choose tea lights, string lights, globe string lights, or any other variations of warm lights that you can find. Play with lights and shadows to create an inviting, comfortable ambience.

Another very smart reason for using dim lights is that the stains on the carpet, the unwashed curtains, the bookshelf covered with a light layer of dust, and other things like that won’t be visible to your guests, and you will be spared a few judgmental looks.

Make Space:

Have a small house? No worries. Clean out a room of most of the furniture, except that on which you intend to seat your guests. You can transfer the rest into a room you won’t be using during the party – like your bedroom or the study.  This will free up space for your guests to move comfortably and avoid bumping into each other.

Add Something Interesting:

A designer serving platter, a cool looking beverage tray or a bunch of handmade menus displayed on a serving tray can make a simple three-course dinner look much more interesting. Presentation matters a lot while entertaining. Make yours count. You can buy serving trays online in India from websites like Arttdinox.

Take It Easy:

No matter what happens, remember that it’s okay. They are your friends for a reason. They will understand if the dinner didn’t turn out as spicy as it should be, if you had to run in between to get more beer, if the dessert comes out a little late, or even if towards the end they had to serve themselves because you were too tired to stand a moment longer.

The whole point of organizing a home party is to have fun, catch up with folks, and of course, plan more parties! Often, it is only when we experience something good that we start craving for more of it, which is what a good party should make the guests and hosts feel like.

Did you like what we said? Have suggestions to offer? Our comment section is all yours.

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