Fast, Not Furious: 5 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly and Save Money

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Most property markets are flexible and, frankly, mysterious. Even experts acknowledge that the real estate market can leave them baffled. But this shouldn’t cause anybody to think that the outcome of selling a house is largely down to fate.

Regardless of the current state of the market, there are always ways to increase the value of a home and speed up its sale.

Although there are many actions that can be easily undertaken by the property seller, it’s worth noting that there are scores of platforms and companies out there who can help. Sell house fast companies like We Buy Any House, Flying Homes and Tepilo can reduce much of the stress and the time associated with selling a house.

From supplying “for sale” signs to performing valuations, a number of companies can help with the smaller tasks without taking full control of your house sale. However, before consulting a business to aid with the selling, a number of simple tips can boost value, keep costs down and prompt speedy offers.


Match the market


Whether we like it or not, the properties we own almost invariably become imbued with our own personal perspectives. Rather than seeing the space as an ideal home for anybody coming through the door, consideration must be given to the most likely target market.

Deciding who might be interested will be essential for informing how the property is tailored. While you won’t be able to cater for every market, you can shape the presentation of your house for the majority potential buyers without running the risk of ostracising others.

For example, a young couple with children would be interested in two bedrooms, but ensuring that there is an additional workstation will also appeal to a couple without children.


Remove all traces of your home ownership

Homes are deeply private and personal spaces. For the seller, leaving ornaments and photographs on display may seem harmless but it could deter potential buyers. Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves and their furnishings in the space, rather than feeling like they are in someone else’s home.

Ideas of homeliness differ from person to person, so the property should resemble a blank canvas. This means that it will be crucial to remove the distinctive features that had made the house a home.

Moving the majority of possessions, including large pieces of furniture, into storage will make rooms feel much bigger and help people imagine what they could do with the space.

Get fresh

Making a space feel new for potential buyers will include conducting a full-house makeover.

Most people wouldn’t buy a house without inspecting every nook and cranny, so it must be expected that property viewers will examine every aspect of each room very closely.

This doesn’t have to necessitate painters or decorators, it can simply mean treating each room from an objective viewpoint and smartening it up. However, applying a fresh coat of neutral paint and updating any old or damaged items will be beneficial.

Kitchens are of prime importance to buyers, so replacing worn worktops, resealing edges and reapplying grouting around tiles is a must. Kitchen worktops suppliers, such as Modern Worktops and Spekva, have a range of priced worktops. While a cheap laminate fix will be suitably refreshing, adding wood or quartz stone worktops could actually add value to your house.


Clean it up


Any house seller needs to make sure their property looks pristine. Though a comprehensive clean can be accomplished with time and effort, investing in a professional clearance service can prove to be money well spent. House clearance companies like Clearance Solutions “factor in the resale value of items” that aren’t wanted which can keep clearance costs even lower.

When deciding to use a clearance or cleaning company, it’s wise to use one that will also clear and clean the garden. This outdoor space is usually highly coveted, but it can put buyers off if it has become overgrown and require significant work.

In terms of prioritising rooms, based on importance to viewers, the kitchen and bathroom/s are top of the list. Within the rest of the house, the key areas to keep clean are the carpets, sofas and windows.


Enhance the viewings

First impressions command a lot of authority when it comes to decision making. So when it’s time to greet potential house buyers, it’s best to make sure they’re as positive as possible.


The viewing begins as soon as the property is observed from the front garden. This means that the walk leading to the house must be as inviting as the hallway. Soft illumination from well-placed lamps make a property appear warm and inviting.

Beyond what is visibly apparent, a psychological advantage can be gained with pleasant smells that conjure thoughts of comfort. House selling experts have cited that baking bread and brewing a pot of fresh coffee before arrivals can be a great way to make visitors feel at home

Finally, if the property comes with parking, leaving the space free for a house viewer can make the experience feel like a much more authentic trip to a future home.




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