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7 Quick Tips for Moving Your Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 25 August 2015 07:18

Moving your entire home to a new location is almost always quite a challenging task and requires great planning, as well as attention to details. However, since we have to deal with lots of other emotions, we often seem to forget to organize ourselves properly. Fortunately, I’ve prepared 7 really simple tips to follow for hassle free home removal:


Get Down to Planning ASAP

As mentioned already, proper planning and organization are essential if you want to avoid the huge dose of stress associated with house removal. Use a calendar and setup reminders, so you never miss any step along the way. Since you probably have a smartphone, there are dozens of handy apps you can use to organize yourself too!

Discover Your New Home

Moving all your belongings to new, different location and fitting them altogether is almost always challenging. The best way to organize everything is to get to know your new neighborhood, resident packages, discover nearby schools and most importantly find the fastest way to reach your new home.

Organize Your Life

No matter how far you are moving, there are certain things in your personal life that require your attention prior to packing all your belongings in the truck. Some of the most common ones include cancelling your gym membership, forwarding your magazine/newspaper subscriptions and if necessary transferring existing prescriptions to a pharmacy near your new home.

Set a Budget

Planning all expenses related with the home removal is crucial – these quickly add up and can really compromise the entire operation. While hiring professional removal company is essential, additional expenses likely to occur are temporary storage for your belongings as well as short-term housing arrangements. A great way to get basic understanding on the costs involved in moving your home is to request quotes from several companies and compare them against costs, as well as service quality and other factors.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

Let’s face it – chances are many of the items you haven’t used over the past few years in your current house will also be useless in your new one. If you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you’ve been piling in your home, you can dramatically reduce the moving expenses, as less space will be needed to transport your belongings. If there is best time to do that, this should be it!

Analyze the Timeline

Now it’s the time to sit down and analyze the timeline you prepared for house removal – how will you approach the preparation process for the big day, how many times per day or week you need to spend to prepare properly and also how can you reduce your expenses for packing materials. Make sure you are prepared ahead of schedule, so there is enough room for last minute corrections.

Hire the Professional Movers

By now, you should have at least few quotes from professional movers and you must have basic overview on their service offering. It’s time to choose the most suitable ones and hire them! If you are still missing this step, a good service provider to start your research with is Fox Moving and Storage, so go ahead and give them a call.



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Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds is professional with more than 5 years of experience in the domestic and international removals industry. He strives to provide valuable and most importantly actionable tips to everyone looking to move their home. 

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