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House Removal – The Bare Essentials

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 26 August 2015 06:08

Moving a house is something pretty much everyone has to deal with sooner or later at some point of their lives. Although, it may sound really easy – this is quite complicate thing to do and requires lots of upfront planning in order to make it truly successful. To help out, I’ve prepared a guide through the bare essentials of moving all your belongings to a new location. Here they are:

Getting Started with Packing

The hardest thing about moving house is all the packing you will have to do in order for your precious belongings to remain safe during the big day. This is also where most people fail and quickly turn this amazing event into incredibly stressful and frustrating experience.

The best way to handle packing is to sit down to decide when it will exactly take place and what supplies you need to pull this off. Probably the first things that pop into your head are boxes and duct tape, but there is much more than these. The better you are prepared for packing your items, the easier the moving will be.

Moving Boxes 101

Boxes are the most convenient packaging for your belongings. While there are boxes specifically designed for moving purposes (these are made from sturdier cardboard than others), you can easily save a lot of money if you manage to find these used or even for free. Try the local grocery stores for free ones and if this doesn’t work, head over to the classified ads websites – there are some pretty good deals out there.

A good tip to remember here is to avoid buying boxes that are too large as they are likely to reduce the usable space in the cargo truck. Keep the boxes to maximum of 50 pounds.

Must Have Supplies

As mentioned earlier, to be prepared for the day of packing means to have all the supplies you need to complete the task. You need to stack on boxes, duct tape, as well as materials you will use to protect the more fragile belongings you have. In case you run short on any of the supplies you need for packaging, you need to quickly be able to locate a store that have these or you risk losing a lot of time driving around the town.

Loading the Items in the Truck

This is where hiring professional movers really comes in handy as they will do all the heavy lifting for you. However, if you have decided to do it yourself, make sure you have at least few of your friends to help out. Everything needs to run smoothly on the moving day, so your organizational skills will really be put to the test.

Packing Major Appliances

The bigger the appliances, the harder it is to move them and even pack them. You need to make sure these are unplugged and uninstalled from their spots, so it’s easier for the movers. Furthermore, some removal companies require you to pack these items according to specific standards, so it’s good to check what the policy of the one you chose is.

Protecting Fragile Items


Electronics, ceramic plates and other fragile items require special attention. While some removal companies offer special boxes for these items, most of the time the responsibility is all yours. Consider buying zip bags and bubble wrap, as these will help you organize everything properly. 

This helpful information is provided by Fox Moving and Storage

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