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11 Things You Should Know How To Fix Around The House

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 August 2015 00:59

1. A seized lock

This can be very annoying when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere or you just want to enter your home. The solution is very simple - just spray some WD-40 into the hole and it should start working well again. If it doesn’t, this may be because of a broken string - then you have to call a professional to fix it.


2. Termites check

Since they like to hide, you’d have to dig deeper to find them. What gives them away - raised, branch-like tubes in the wood. Open these up and you should find insects with a cream or yellow colour. Unfortunately, this is not something you can fix by yourself - you should call a professional exterminator to get rid of the termites.


3. Broken light bulb

It is pretty difficult to get rid of is because you can get a serious cut. A little pro-tip - slice a potato in two and press one of the parts to the broken glass. This will prevent injuries.


4. Find a handyman

Having a great handyman is very important. It is not easy to find one, though. Most people actually say it is important for them that they can count on the service any time. Even if you know how to do much around the house, there are still things only a handyman can do. So, you better find one you can always call and be satisfied with his work.


5. Unclog a sink

This can create a great inconvenience in your household when it happens. Using chemicals, contrary to common belief, doesn’t fix the problem. Remove the stopper and place the plunger on the hole. A little pro-tip - let the water run while you do it. It creates greater pressure which means better results.


6. Drill a tile

You can easily destroy your bathroom’s design once you start drilling. Since this is a very powerful tool, it can help but it can also ruin. So drilling a hole is a task but there is a simple solution. Mark the spot then get a hammer and a drywall screw. Using these, make a small divot in the wall. Then you can start drilling. And your wall is safe.


7. Fix the doorbell

If your bell doesn’t ring, check the wire connections. Touch the two wires - if it starts ringing, then that’s what you need to replace. If it makes a funny sound then check if the hammer is bent or there’s dirt all over it. Clean it and if it still doesn’t ring right, you should probably hire an electrician.


8. Toilet overflowing

Usually this is caused by water not running down the drain quickly enough. When this happens, open up the tank and pull the float. Then reach down and shut off the water or just wait for some of it to go down the drain.


9. Dent on trim

This doesn’t look aesthetically good on any surface. Use a needle to make a few little spots in the dent and then pour a few drops of water on it. Cover it with a damp and iron only this area. The water will evaporate and the dent should start swell up.


10. Dry out the basement

This can happen to anyone and it is extremely inconvenient. Turn off any electricity first. Don’t remove all water on the first day - just a certain amount. The next day check to see if the level went up again. If it hasn’t it is time to use the pump. Go with two or three inches a day until the basement is fully dry.


11. Clean brushes

Once you’re done with the painting, make sure you clean the brushes well in order to prolong their life. Fill a jar with paint thinner, clean the brushes and then put the lid on it. Let the paint settle to the bottom, open the jar and pour the paint thinner in another jar. This way you can use it again.


Knowing these tips can really help you in difficult situations. Of course, there are many things that you'll learn along the way. There are small home improvements that you can do to brighten up your home. But there are also more serious tasks that sometimes require a specialist. 

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