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How To Rent A Home Without Spending An Arm And A Leg

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 August 2015 12:57

If you really think about it, renting is cheaper than buying a house, and within the past few years, there has been a clamor for low cost rentals. With the economic situation in America within the last few years, people are clamoring to find low cost rentals. So, how do you begin to look for a cheap rental?

                Look for houses in other neighborhoods

You are going to find cheaper houses in less popular neighborhoods. So if you are looking for a cheap place to rent, you better scrap Manhattan out of your cheap housing list. You can try to look for one instead in one of the outer boroughs of New York, Scottsdale, or even in Fresno.

If you are feeling brave and pioneering, you can try and follow the lead of some pioneering people and move into the economically depressed areas like Detroit. It has attracted students and art people who want to get a cheap place to practice their career.

                Make a Budget

Sit down and make a detailed budget plan to help you figure out what you can afford in terms of rent. Writing it all down on paper can help you see clearly what you might need to cut back on to accommodate higher rent.


Probably one of the best ways to find affordable housing is just to ask around. Ask your friend, ask your neighbors, and maybe one of them knows of someone who is moving out of an affordable place. It's also possible that they have a vacancy in their apartment building. Going this route will help save you broker's fees. Make your friends work for you!

                Find A Roommate           

If you look for a roommate or roommates to divide the cost of the rent, then you can end up significantly reducing your costs and end up spending less money. Finding a roommate that you can share the rent with can be a win-win situation for both of you. But, before you go down this route, make sure that you find a roommate that you like and that you can live with. Otherwise you end up being in an unreasonable situation that you are paying rent for while living with an unbearable person.

Also, figure out if you want to have your roommate sign the lease agreement with you. Doing so can protect you if your roommate decides to bail. While, on the other hand, if you sign the lease agreement all by yourself, you can have more financial control, but also more responsibility as you might be forced to come up with the rent by yourself if your roomie can’t pay.

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