9 Ideas for Secluded Garden Nooks

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Everyone who’s had the privilege of enjoying a private space in a garden knows the pleasure of simply communing with nature amidst some greenery; no matter if the green spot is right in the middle of the city. Be it at a corner of your garden, under a big tree, or surrounded by your favourite blooms, having a secluded garden nook can really take care of some stress and give you a refreshing space to help you recharge.

Secluded garden nooks are making a comeback these days and small wonder why, they’re great hidden getaways no matter what the weather is. If you’re so inclined, you can even make it to be your personal breakfast area or perhaps your secret reading corner. Below are 10 ideas for secluded garden nooks that you can try out or turn into a weekend project before the cold weather sets in.

Relaxing Retreat Amidst a Sea of Flowers


Just placing two (or more) chairs together surrounded by your favourite blooms makes for a simple seating area that easily translates as your garden hideaway. Add patterned pillows for an extra homey feel.

Romantic Garden Corner


Adding some climbing roses over a bench makes for a romantic garden corner perfect for picture taking or just relaxing with a good book. The intoxicating scent of roses adds to the romantic ambiance of this garden nook idea.

Minimalist Breakfast Area


Have large paved areas in your garden? Turn it into a minimalist breakfast area by adding some white canvas sling chairs and lots of greenery.

Patio Bistro


Want to have a hidden brunch or lounging spot? Try a bistro table surrounded by raised flower beds as your very own patio bistro. Use cheerful blooms for the raised flower beds and add some gravel for that perfect balance of stone and greenery.

Cabinet of Curiosities


Not into shrubs and trees but still want to have a secluded garden nook that you can call your own? Try a minimalist take by using a table, a chair, and an array of cacti and succulents arranged on steps or shelves.

Respite Under the Trees


Creating a secluded garden nook can be as easy as simply placing a bench under some trees or amongst existing trees. It is literally the place where you can simply watch the world go by.

Create Warmth with Stone


Have concrete fencing or faced with a lot walls? Turn that into an amazing space by using the gloomy space to house shade loving plants such as ferns, boxwood, and hostas. Stone benches will complete the ‘secret garden’ look.

Daydream Corner


Chaises topped with luscious pillows makes for a deliciously inviting garden nook. Best situated semi-hidden amidst climbing plants and willowy bamboo.

Outdoor Museum


A fan of one-of-a-kind plants? Then display them outside on a quiet secluded spot for your very own plant gallery. Add some chairs of your choice and it will be the perfect spot to just admire your collection.

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