8 Ways to Give Your Home a Free Makeover

Written by Posted On Monday, 31 August 2015 09:34

A small change can create a huge impact on a room’s ambiance. It can make a room seem brighter, feel brand-new, or make a house feel truly like a home. Don’t believe that? Then read on!

If you feel that you’re tired of your home’s look or décor, then this post is definitely for you! Below are 8 small changes that you can try with objects you already have to give your home a quick makeover. Best part? All of these are completely for free!



Candles shouldn’t only be for décor, you can light up your candles to create an inviting mood or a romantic atmosphere. Just a tip, everyone and everything looks great on candlelight!

Coffee Table


Adding a stack of books or perhaps a basket or tray filled with trinkets and decorative items can make your coffee table look pulled together and livens up the space where your coffee table is.

Leftover Paint


Don’t just let your leftover paint dry up, use it to create unique pieces for your home! You can paint table edges, tips of furniture legs, or perhaps give new life to some thrifted frames. You’d be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do to old items around the house!

China and Cutlery


Why wait for some special occasion to bring out your best china and cutlery? Try using fancy glasses to make a weeknight meal more special or break your routine by simply using your best china every now and then.  Wouldn’t it be great to make ordinary days feel like a holiday?

Photo Frames


Tired of the same photo displays you’ve had for years and years? The problem may not be the frame, it might be looking at the same photos year in and year out. Swap family photos every season or whenever you feel like doing it. It’s a nice finishing touch most people don’t ever do but have to try.



Sometimes, the feeling we get that our homes are a bit too heavy is because we’ve got too much stuff we don’t need. The answer to this is to de-stash. Call it spring cleaning or de-stashing, it works on bringing out the beauty of your space by reducing clutter.



There’s so many things you can do with furniture to make them feel new and refreshed, or to give a room a makeover. You can rearrange your furniture to give your home a new layout, switch furniture with another room in the house, or simply repurpose them. Nice stools in the garden can be cute at the breakfast table, or bring a hardy table out to the patio instead of buying outdoor furniture. Your imagination is really the limit!



Just like furniture, rugs can be switched up to give a room an instant makeover. The best part is you’re not stuck with it if you don’t like the end result, you can always switch it back!

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