3 Questions That You Must Ask While Hiring A Real Estate Agent

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Are you looking to invest in real estate? However, you need a knowledgeable real estate agent with a considerable amount of experience in guiding investors to make the right decision in investing in real estate. This article will share with you three questions that every investor has to ask while trying to find a good real estate agent.

However, it should be noted that marketing to find motivated sellers is still great practice, and investors often deal directly with sellers who do not list their properties in the listing services. While every real estate investor won’t need a real estate agent, it will be a huge benefit if you have a skilled agent of broker in your team. Investors are in the habit of getting one property and selling it the moment they feel that they are getting enough profit out of it. Sometimes it may demand a huge investment or a small one depending on the spending limit and the habit of the investor. In order to ensure that every investment brings in the desired results, the investor should seek the help of a real estate agent in Woodbridge, VA who has plenty of experience in this sector.

So, let’s not delay anymore and here are 3 questions that you must ask the potential real estate agents or brokers:

  • Are you investing in real estate for yourself: This question may sound simple, however preferring to go with the real estate agent who has considered investing in real estate themselves serves as an example for their credibility and this is how most of the people search for their real estate agent.  Once you consider this as a pre-requisite, you will be able to filter out several real estate agents who may show you houses that are good to live it, however, they could never be considered as an investment option.
  • Will you be analyzing which deal is good and bad or just send me the list of properties: There are thousands of real estate agents in the US and most of the agents only arrange that their clients could receive all the new properties that are within a particular price range, in a certain town, or as an automated e-mail blast. This is kind of a very lazy approach towards your clients and may result in the loss of clients as they might not get exactly what they want. Those who are keen to invest will want more than just a list of new houses. Busy investors will want an agent who will not increase the work for them and keep the task of analyzing and evaluating the property for themselves. They should know the needs of the investor and what’s hot in the market to ensure that they pre-select those properties that have high chances of qualifying as deals.
  • Will you be comfortable to make several offers: In order to make the opposite parties accept your offer and make a sensible investment, you will need to make many offers. In most of the real estate markets, in order to make an investment deal work for you, you will often need to offer less than what the appraisal says about the price of the house. You will need a real estate agent or a broker who is willing to make lots of offers and should be thickly skinned about the reactions when they make offers that are below the asking price.

These three questions will help you in getting I touch with a skilled real estate agent who could help you in making the best offer and get a profitable property.


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