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5 Fresh Ideas to Market Your Home and Get it Sold Quickly

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 02 September 2015 08:19


Marketing a home is a lot easier if you actually target the right kind of real estate market which exists the time you put the house up for sale. When the real estate market happens to transition from seller to buyers' markets, agents usually tend to put lots more work and money into finding listings. But DoneDealBuyers.com, says that, actually employing some strong marketing tactics is simply smart business, irregardless. In sellers' markets, the right marketing can bring you much higher prices while in buyers' markets, it can mean a world of difference between expired and sold. I've been in real estate for over 5 years, and in my learning years, "I thought that marketing alone, would be all that I needed to sell my house , which I found out is a real estate fallacy, but it'll make your phone ring endlessly".  Truth is, if the buyers do not call, you will not sell. Here are 5 fresh ideas to market your home to get it sold:

1. Price it right

Sellers usually think that they should begin with a high asking price and then lower the price later in case the home fails to sell. However, this can result in a much slower sales price, says James, and investor with NeedToSellMyHouse.com . The 1st 30 days activity of the home being on market is usually the very best activity you are going to see. In case the price happens to be too high, most buyers and their respective agents will tend to stay away, assuming you aren't serious about actually selling your home or you are unwilling to negotiate.  This is why regular and consistent price reductions are important over time.

2. Fill the listing with photos

Ensure you have a really eye catching online listing. According to statistics, 84% of people begin their real estate search online. While it normally used to be sufficient to just slap up 1 or 2 blurry photos, home buyers now usually prefer a number of photos so that they do not waste time touring a house that does not meet their specific requirements. If you want to really stand out from your competition, you should consider including a nice video tour in the listing. It is also quite worthwhile to get a professional photographer, or alternatively find a good broker who uses a good photographer. At very least, you should take like 1/2 dozen photos which highlight your house’s best features. Ensure you include a good shot of the home's exterior on a warm sunny day and also photos of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining room. It is incredibly crucial to include a number of photos in online property ads since houses without multiple pictures are most likely going to get easily passed over by a potential buyer for your house, simply because buyers need to see themselves living in the home before they even step foot inside of it.

3. Make it inviting

There is no faster way of turning off potential buyers than showing them a house that's stuffed with kids toys, family nick knacks and some stinky kitty litter. Even some stodgy furniture may make the property even harder to unload. That is why many high end real estate agents usually employ a professional home stager whenever they want to actually guarantee a fast sale. From anywhere between a few 100 dollars to a couple of 1000 dollars, a home stager will do everything ranging from removing clutter and rearranging the furniture, to renting new furnishings.

Fortunately though, there are many other inexpensive things a home owner can do by their own to easily attract potential buyers. Doesn't matter if you dwell in a simply Cape Cod or a magnificent 4,000 square foot Mansion, you should make the space feel as clean and as open as possible. You should get rid of all clutter, organize all the closets and also remove all the personal items which might make it harder for somebody to imagine actually living in your home.

4. Get a home inspection

A home that is in great working order always sells faster than a home that requires pricey repairs. That is why it is a great idea to get the home inspected prior to putting it in the market. Basically, the advantages are twofold. 1st, it is always faster and cheaper to make your very own repairs instead of having buyers drag out the whole negotiating process in order to accommodate any seemingly necessary work. 2ndly, you will also avoid any kind of nasty last minute surprises which could derail the deal should the buyers' inspector discover that you need, say for example, to replace your roof.

5. Throw in something extra

With house sales stalled, many motivated home sellers are now offering various incentives to home buyers like paying for closing costs or the points on mortgage. Such tactics are particularly attractive to first time shoppers who are able to afford the mortgage payments but may struggle coming up with both closing costs and larger down payments which lenders now require.

Some other ideas
You should consider replacing the drafty windows with windows which are energy efficient. Additionally, in case you installed a 40 inch plasma TV which has a surround sound stereo system in your living room, you can offer to include the asset along with the home. Chances are that you will not be able to actually move with it anyway.

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