Blocked Drains? Why you should hire a professional

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 Blocked Drains?: Why you should hire a professional

Blocked drains can be nothing short of a householder’s nightmare: from the floods that may occur as a result within the back garden (which are potentially accompanied with human waste) through to the pretty common occurrence of mysterious blockages within systems that prove difficult to deal with and impossible to avoid in the future. All of which is far from ideal, particularly when the house in question has children or pets to consider. So here we take a look at the reason why when dealing with blocked drains, it pays to hire a professional.

How to spot a blocked drain

Blocked drains aren’t just noticeable from the drain itself and you needn’t lift up outside manholes to properly diagnose a drainage issue. Instead they may become apparent by slow, sluggish indoor drainage, such as showers that continually have a pooling of water, sinks that remain half-filled and toilets that refuse to flush through.

What can cause a blocked drain?

There can be a wide ranging number of causes behind  blocked drains in Essex, such as an obstruction of tissue, nappies or some other flushed material that shouldn’t have entered the system; equally blocked drains may be caused by some inner fault that can’t easily be recognised or diagnosed without professional equipment, such as pipes that are in poor states of repair, through to the build-up of an almost innumerable array of materials.


Why blocked drains must be handled by a professional

1.      Because proper diagnosis is difficult

First and foremost the cause of blocked drains can be difficult to properly diagnose, and where you may believe the cause to be a simple build-up of tissue, the truth may be that the system has a serious fault within it that can only be diagnosed and dealt with by a professional.

2.      Because blockages that aren’t properly cleared up can be seriously expensive in the future

If you fail to properly diagnose a fault within your drainage system the consequences can be incredibly serious, including floods or leaks whilst you’re out or away on holiday, as well as issues that may be caused to neighbouring properties.

3.      Because future floods within your home or garden can be a health hazard

The water from your system can be filled with parasites, germs and a whole heap of other nasties that can be seriously damaging to your health. And should your garden suffer such a flood an extensive clean-up will be required, particularly if you have children or pets who may be particularly vulnerable to such harmful germs and parasites.

4.      Because professional drain maintenance means professional grade equipment and materials

Professional drain maintenance companies will be equipped with extensive tools and materials to properly diagnose your blockage and deal with it to stop it reoccurring in the future. This may include CCTV, professional grade chemicals and other tools that you may not have even known existed that go far beyond the standard plunger.

5.      Because professional drain services aren’t as expensive as you may think


Professional drain maintenance services may be far from the expensive service that you imagine them to be, particularly when you may well face future floods, leaks and insurance claims if you don't address the problem properly in the first place. If you want to find professional services for your blocked drains in Colchester, check out  - An NADC approved contractor.

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