CCTV Drain Surveys for home buyers

Written by Posted On Thursday, 10 September 2015 01:40

 Four solid reason why you should consider a CCTV drain survey

So, you’re faced a drain blockage (again) and you’re sure that the plunger trick will work as it usually does. Except it doesn't. And now you're faced with a system that is unusable: your shower is filling up, your toilet isn’t flushing and washing the dishes is out of the question. So what do you do? Plump once more for a home solution? Or consider instead using professional services and a CCTV drain survey?

Well here we take a look at four solid reason why in this instance a CCTV drain survey may well be more than worthwhile.


The four solid reasons behind CCTV drain surveys

1.      Because CCTV drain surveys are a seriously cost effective way of dealing with drainage issues

CCTV Drain surveys provide for a particularly reliable way of diagnosing any and every form of drainage issue. This is despite many a homeowner presuming the use of such services to be expensive.

2.      Because CCTV drain surveys can tell you what is impossible to know for yourself

For all the will in the world it can be impossible to properly diagnose your home’s drainage issues for yourself, even if you suspect that there may be something in particular to blame.

CCTV drain surveys enter the system to inspect the issues up close, and they can also provide for a chance to diagnose any other issues, or future maintenance problems, that are yet to become apparent.

3.      Because CCTV survey equipment is seriously sophisticated

The CCTV drain equipment of today is more advanced than ever before. The footage that it captures is impressively detailed and is able to be worked through even the most complex or winding of drainage systems. The images that are captured are streamed in real time to the mobile van unit, and can be recorded from beginning to end to refer back to when and if any work is required.

4.      Because a drain survey can ensure that your problem is properly diagnosed today and is backed up by a full technical report

If you're in London and have Blocked Drains in Hackney, they can be fixed via a specialist CCTV equipment is unequivocally the most thorough way to deal with drainage problems. What’s more with a full technical report that can be provided homeowners can be safe in the knowledge that future issues will be avoided through work that covers any and every one of the problems within their property's drainage system.

Homebuyers: Why A CCTV drain survey may be beneficial

Drain surveys prior to purchasing a property are not provided as standard by a solicitor, whose surveys are in fact pretty standard and merely ensure that the house won't fall down any time soon.

To this end there are certain instances where a CCTV drain surveys London may be beneficial: which is when a period house or property is being purchased or where the house may be within the most urban of areas within London (where drainage systems are notoriously known for being less than reliable).

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