Design Tips: 5 Tips for a Clean and Organised Closet

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 September 2015 11:57

It is ALMOST fall! And what better way to kick off the season than by some much-needed cleaning and organising? In this blog, we will share with you some experts’ tips for a clean and organized closet. With the season for boots, sweaters, and winter coats just a few weeks away, now would be the perfect time to claim back your closet from the fun chaos of the warm months and transform it into a cozy nook for your fall and winter things.

So what can you do to make cleaning and organising your closet really productive? Just follow the outlined tips below!

Start by Sorting Twice!


Sorting what’s in your closet into 4 piles (Now Pile, Someday Pile, Never Pile, and Seasonal Pile) will make cleaning out your closet easier. It goes without saying that the never pile or the things you never reach for would most likely end up in the donation bin; but hey, just think of it as an early holiday gift for someone who will find good use for the things you’re not using at all.

Once you’ve found items to donate and have done your sorting, go through your Someday Pile (the things which you ‘might’ end up using again) and try to move some of those items to the Never Pile. You can take this a step further by taking a look at your Seasonal Pile and sorting through that a second time to see if you have items that you might end up not using again. If you take a look at something and don’t see yourself using or wearing it in the next year, there is a huge chance that you won’t ever be using it again. Why let things like that clog up your closet? Donate it!

Stop Rationalising


The key is not trying to rationalise with yourself on why you should hold on to something. Always trust your first instincts. When something has made its way to the Never Pile, it should never go back to the pile of things you’re keeping as well. To help with this, as soon as you’ve done each sorting, bag everything that went to the Never Pile and place it in your garage or basement and label it as either for the dump or for donation.

Find a Way to Donate


Donating clothes that you no longer use or cannot use may be tough at first but then, no amount of holding on to something will bring back the money you spent on buying it so why not just let someone else enjoy the things that do not bring you joy?

Clean Before You Store


Before you pack seasonal things in vacuum sealed bags or clear plastic bins (so you can easily see what’s inside), make it a point that you’ve washed or dry cleaned them. Make sure that there’s no dampness or moisture to avoid mildew and insects. Unboxing your clothes next year only to find out that they’ve been damaged by mould or insects is no fun!

Make that Closet Shine!

Now that you’ve sorted everything and packed away seasonal garments and those things that you’re giving away, it is time to truly empty out your closet and make it shine. Replace bulky hangers with plastic or wooden slim ones to make more space. Chose clip style hangers for skirts and pants and don’t forget to vacuum the closet before putting back the things you would be using for the coming months. There you have it! A clean and organised closet for the cool months ahead!

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