Design Tips: 5 Tips on How Art Can Upgrade Your Room Design

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If you’ve been watching some home decorating shows or perhaps have been leafing through some lifestyle magazines, you may have noticed how having some artwork can drastically change how a room look and feels. Interior designers are a fan of using art to anchor a room and give it a polished look. With this blog, you can certainly do the same!

Take a look at the following 5 tips on how you can use to upgrade your room design and see how easy it is to give your home a sophisticated and polished look!

Using art is awesome because it can:

Create Movement

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Artwork has a tendency to draw the eye towards it. By having a few carefully placed art pieces around a room, you can effectively direct a viewer’s eye towards areas that you’ve designated as focal points.

Add Color

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You can decide to use a piece of artwork to serve as your inspiration for a colour palette or to accent an existing one. Try it, the result is often stunning!

There are several ways you can go about this. You can pick a piece of artwork that you really love and pull some colours from there when trying to look for decorative accents to your room. If you already have a somewhat complete room but have a bare wall, you can pick out an artwork that reflects some of the existing colours in your room to tie everything together.

How about if you have a neutral colour palette? Then it only means that you’re freer to go a bit wild on the artwork! A truly bold or bright piece can bring life to an otherwise dull room and create a beautiful contrast when hung on crisp white walls.

Provide Balance between Texture and Scale

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High ceilings and low contemporary furniture often don’t mix well together, but the clever use of artwork can impart a sense of balance to a room by bringing the eye upwards.

If you’re someone who’s drawn to rich fabrics and textures, flat walls can make your place seem like a bad mash-up of eclectic pieces. Throwing in a piece of textured painting on a blank wall can pull everything together into a creatively designed space.

Opens Your Room to Endless Design Possibilities

real estate and art4

Do you know what a rotating gallery is? If you love switching up your décor, then you might already be using one!

By using different artworks every few weeks, you can make different elements of your room stand out, thereby refreshing your space without you having to do a lot of changes.

Impart a Luxe and Sophisticated Feel

real estate and art5

No matter what size it is and however way you use it, artwork can give a room a sense of completeness and luxury. By using a piece that works well with your space, you can transform an ordinary room into a beautiful haven you’d love to spend time in. How’s that for the ultimate in room design upgrade?

By The Goodale Miller Team - Luxury Real Estate in Oakville, Ontario

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