5 Best Tips From A Park City Realtor

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Many people become nervous when they need to sell their home. They worry they won’t be able to sell it or they won’t be able to sell it for the price they want. These are legitimate concerns, but there are things you can do to increase the chances you’ll be able to sell your home for the price you want.

List With Room For Negotiation

Most home buyers want to negotiate the price of a home. This is why it’s best to list the home for at least $5,000 more than what you want it. For example, if you want $300,000 for your home, you can list it for $305,000 or $310,000. These figures don’t scare people away who are looking for a $300,000 home because they feel as though they can get at least $5,000 off.

Think About Price Ranges

Someone who is looking to buy a home in the range of $250,000 to $300,000 will not see homes listed for $305,000 when they do a search. Think about your target audience and price your home in a way that will increase the chances those people will see it when they go on the MLS and search homes priced in a certain range.

Make Your Home Someone Else’s Home

People often want to picture themselves in the home they buy. This means that if you have anything that is highly personalized, such as a mural or bright colors on your walls, you may want to consider changing it to something more neutral. This way people won’t think, “Wow…this is really not meant for me.”

While it may seem obvious that a home buyer can just paint over the bright colors or murals, people do judge a home based on what they see upon entering it. This also goes for the cleanliness of your home. If your home is messy during a showing, most home buyers will be turned off from it and won’t consider buying it (even if they are messy people themselves). People want a clean, neutral home they can make all their own.

Make Small Home Improvements

Home buyers will usually point out problems they see that prevent them from making an offer. Take this information the Realtor gives you to make adjustments to your home. If someone says that the wood vanity in the bathroom is old and needs refinishing, consider spending a weekend sanding and refinishing the wood, as long as you don’t have any showings. If the linoleum in the kitchen is coming up in spots, try to repair it so it looks much better. These small home improvements will make a big difference when people come into your home.

Be Patient With Park City Real Estate

The market usually dictates how fast homes sell. Sometimes, it’s a seller’s market and homes sell as soon as they are listed. Other times, it’s a buyer’s market, and homes take a while to sell because there are so many for buyers to choose from. Give it time and the perfect buyer will decide to call your house his home.

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