How To Sell Your Austin House for More Money, Faster.

Written by Posted On Monday, 05 October 2015 15:36

For homeowners that are located in or around the Austin metropolitan area, selling your home quickly IS possible, but only if you use the proper techniques to get it sold. Depending on the price you wish to sell the property for, who your target audience is, and which area of the city you are selling in, there are techniques you can employ to sell your house faster. These are some things you can do as an owner, to push your home on the market, compete with other similar properties, and to get it sold.

1. Work with Investors from the Start
For those who need to move because of work, if you were recently fired, or if your home is being put in the foreclosure process, an investor firm can purchase your home. The right company will pay cash for your home, and can typically close on the sale in less than 2 weeks' time. Additionally, they typically pay the market value, and before selling you do not have to do repair work or update the home. If you are strapped for time, and need cash quickly, this is a solution for those trying to sell quickly.

2. Price it right from the Beginning
Many people tend to list their home for a price which is far greater than the asking market rate in the neighborhood they are in within Austin. So, when you price it right from the start, you won't have your home sitting on the market for months. When pricing the property, you should consider:

a. Average asking price locally (for similar size, bath/bed, condition, etc).
b. Updates or work which has to be done on the home.
c. Current market conditions and trends.
d. Average time homes sit on the market where you are listing it.
Simply pricing your property a couple hundred dollars lower, or $1000 lower than the average property nearby, will make your home appear far more appealing to the local buyer. Further, it will help you sell the home in less time when listing your home.

3. Curb appeal, it's Really Important
If you want your home to sell quickly, it has to look good. If you host an open house, and buyers look at dead flowers on the front lawn, and dated paint, they are probably not even going to walk into the open house. Instead, make sure you stage your home. Inside and out, you want the property to appeal to buyers. So, find ways to upstage the home, to make it appeal to the average buyer, and to help increase the value of your property. The more attractive it looks from the outside, the more likely a potential buyer is to walk in and purchase the home.

4. Alternatives
You may be wondering if there is an easier way to cash out of the property, rather than going through the hardship of working on the house to increase it's value in the eyes of a buyer.  Well, we've compiled a list of other avenues that you can take to get it sold:

This is not an all inclusive list of things you can do when you want to sell your home in a hurry, but is a starting point for those who are trying to sell. Regardless of condition, the reasons you want to sell, or how quickly you hope to get your home sold, these are a few methods to employ, and receive as close to the asking price as possible when selling.

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