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I ran across a comment an agent, Tim Mock, made on an inman article about due diligence.  
He hit the nail on the head.  This is the kind of agent you want if you are buying a house.  He said, “For me, it's usually the second time I've been in the crawl space and attic because I offer my buyers a pre-inspection to make sure there are no deal killers lurking in the dark.”
I don’t know him but he works in North Carolina - I’m in Southern New Jersey.

Tim calls it a ‘ pre-inspection’ but it is what all buyers do when they go to look at houses - most buyers, though,  don’t have the background or experience needed to do nearly as much as Tim does.  .  Tim looks for most of the same kinds of things that I look for.  Foundation cracks, damaged wood etc -- anything that might come up on a real home inspection - while telling his clients that he is not a home inspector and that his inspection can’t replace a real home inspection.

The outcome of these ‘pre-inspection’ help to inform the potential buyer  and affect any offers that may be made - or even if an offer is made.  

The big difference between Tim and I is that I work for a company that never works for sellers.
Why is this a difference?  Because if Tim is working for the seller too- he is limited in what he can do to improve the buyer’s position relative to the client he already has - the seller.

Much of the time Tim may not have to face this situation but  you never know till you pick the house you want to see if it will or not.

That is the reason I’m a member of NAEBA - the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents - www.naeba.org.  It is the reason that when I refer an out of area buyer to an agent, that agent is almost always a member of NAEBA.  It is also the reason most of my business comes from referrals from my past clients.

Paul Howard, Managing Broker

Serving Southern New Jersey

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