5 Simple Tips to Hire Reliable House Cleaners

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 October 2015 10:24

While still often underestimated, professional cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular for all of us, who simply can’t or don’t want to find time to clean our houses. This is no wonder, considering the fact that most of us spend years to find the ultimate work-life balance and extra help with home chores will always be more than welcome. While hiring reliable house cleaners may not sound as the hardest thing you will have to accomplish in your life, there are certain tips and tricks that will allow you to always stay on the safe side. Here are my top 5 really simple tips to follow when hiring house cleaners:

Check Customer Reviews

The very first thing to do in order to determine the best options out there is to check reviews of customers, who have previously used the services of the cleaners. While most of the time, the company or individual’s website offers plenty of customer testimonials, to be 100% certain about their credibility, it’s always much better to check popular online services like Yelp and Trust Pilot, where customers can freely share their experience with the particular vendor.

Request Multiple Quotes

The best way to make sure you are choosing the best offer for house cleaning services is to request quotes from multiple service providers. Most of the time you can do that with simply clicking few buttons on their website, but experts suggest that calling them gives you much better insights on company or individual’s credibility. No matter which contact medium you select, you need to get quotes from at least 5 companies to truly make informed decision.

Individual or Company?

The biggest question to answer when choosing reliable house cleaning services is whether to hire a company or individual. While a cleaning company allows you to get more people on the job, individuals often offer more personalized approach. My personal opinion is that it’s always best to hire professional cleaning company, as there is minimum risk of cancellation involved and also there is liability, as well as accident insurance for the worst-case scenarios.

Interview in Your House

Once you decide which companies or individuals you are willing to hire for the job, it’s time to invite them over, so they can assess all aspects of the work involved in cleaning your home.  When you do that, don’t make the mistake of previously cleaning up your home – the professionals need to see it in its usual condition, so they can get realistic idea on what are the tasks at hand. Keep in mind that, especially when hiring professional cleaning companies like the Fairy Cleaners, the meeting in your house determines the staff needed to satisfy your demands.

Trust Your Instincts

Last, but not least your instincts will quickly help you find out whether the particular company or individual are the right choice for your family. Don’t underestimate these feelings, as all your belongings will be in their hands once you signup the contract. 



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