Homes Sold In Ahwatukee Az

Written by Posted On Saturday, 17 October 2015 11:18

Wouldn't it be great to know what Homes sold In Ahwatukee Az?


For a long time home owners had no real good way to find out what Homes sold in Ahwatukee Az.  Home owners had no way of knowing what prices homes were selling for and of course without that knowledge had not idea of the value of their own home.  While a lot of the information about home sales has been public, finding this information has been extremely difficult.  In the past discovering what homes have sold for required a drive to government offices to spend time going through  recorded documents.  When the internet started gaining popularity and we all began to see the value of filing things electronically, governments began to do the same.  In essence many government departments started to file their information electronically and making information available on their websites.  Today, you could log into one of their websites and begin to do the research on what homes have sold in your area.  Yet, even with the MAJOR advancement in technology, finding the information of recent home sales in the Ahwatukee Az area, as well as likely in most areas of the country is still very difficult.  If I was a home owner looking to find home values for an area, and see recent home sale information, I would not want to spend time looking on a government site.  You may think that maybe looking on a valuation site such as Z/I/L/L/O/W would be worth it, but did you know their information is not very accurate.  Check them out, even on their own website they give themselves a "D" rating for valuating properties.

What is the best way to find what Homes Sold In Ahwatukee Az recently.  Simple, use the MLS, which is the multiple listing service.  It is what real estate agents and even appraisers use to help them find and determine home values.  If this system gets used by professionals, don't you think you'd likely benefit from it as well.  For several years many realtors have been able to grant access to see homes for sale to potential buyers via their IDX (mls feed).  Well, now I have that same ability to give home sellers a feed to see what Homes Sold In Ahwatukee Az.


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