10 Design Features for an Awesome Remodel

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 October 2015 10:53

Whether you’re building a new home or thinking of remodeling one, there are some design upgrades that are bound to kick your remodel up a notch. Try one, a few, or all of the design features in this blog for home interiors that rock!

A Spectacular Front Door


Your front door would always be one of the features in your home that has the most effect on how visitors perceive your space. Why not go for something showstopping and have your home really stand-out? Just a tip, you may want to lay-off using dark colours of paint or your door’s manufacturer’s insurance would be void.

Paste on the Wallpaper!


Wallpapering the ceiling or a feature wall can really add some wow factor to a room. You can also go for textured wallpapers that can also be painted over for a truly-inspired look.

Go for a Free-Standing Tub


You may feel that a free-standing tub can make a bathroom seem smaller but the thing is, a free-standing tub can have the opposite effect. When done right, this design feature is a real knock-out! Be sure to let your plumber know what tub you’ll be installing, the last thing you want is some exposed pipes where you don’t want it to show.

Integrated Fridge


There is a plethora of integrated fridge designs you can choose from these days that there is no excuse to have an exposed fridge with all the fridge magnets you collect in plain sight! You may have to compromise a little when it comes to fridge size but hey, that’s a small price to pay for a streamlined and polished kitchen look, eh?

Built-in Cabinetry


Integrated bookshelves, TV consoles, and gaming centres are not only wise space-savers, they’re downright aesthetically-pleasing too! Doing this can be your chance to sneak in some warm wood element in your home’s interior design for a homier feel.

Designer Lighting


Well-planned lighting makes a huge difference, and it makes an even better difference when it can double as a sculptural piece! You’ll have to have your electrician onboard to pull this off, but hey, it will definitely be worth it.

Ceiling Details


Just like the designer lighting feature, incorporating ceiling details can totally transform your space. You can go for a simple tweak such as the earlier mentioned wallpaper trick or you can go for something more complex for a spectacular ceiling that everyone would want to be gazing up to!

Decorative Wine Cellar


Wine cellars need not be the hidden away cool spaces in your home such as the basement or under the stairs. You can choose to have a wine cellar that preserves and showcases your wine by looking for a space that’s a good distance away from any heated surfaces or prone to temperature changes. Install a custom wine rack and voila, a designer wine cellar for you!

Go for a Frameless Shower


If you love the minimalist look or have a bathroom that’s a tad bit too small, install a frameless shower instead of a traditional one. You’d be surprised at how much more often your bathroom will feel.

Build a Cozy Fire Pit


Whether you’re planning on doing some backyard camping, dining, or would simply love to roast some marshmallows on an open fire, a cozy fire pit is the perfect addition for quiet and intimate evenings at your outdoor space. Using fire-resistant surface around the fire pit is crucial and if you have lots of space, you can go for a sunken fire-pit or one with built-in seating too!

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