Foam in Building and Construction

Written by Posted On Monday, 26 October 2015 09:20
More and more today we see construction sites relying on polyethylene foam to insulate, cushion and reduce noise during construction, and after. RamFoam  a European construction foam specialist told us that "The use of foam can reduce costs, improve the performance of buildings for heat, vibration, and water penetration" lets see what types are used.
Industrial foam products come in a wide range of formats: Gaskets, Rolls, sheets, adhesive tape, pre-formed and others. A range from light-use to heavy-duty is available for most formats. Environmental regulations state the allowed chemistry, and any particulates or gases released during installation or over the lifetime of the building.
Polyethylene can be tuned to resist flames and heat, to include superior compression and tension, and makes a superb sound deadening material and isolater. Even flooring and roadways can benefit from extremely clever new formulations. Foam can be laminated with other materials to create super-materials with strength and other properties greatly enhanced. Even bridges and skyscrapers can benefit from the new foam formulations.
Modern housing can be greatly enhanced in many areas, especially work areas and kitchens, lofts and attics, and even driveways and parking areas. Lightweight industry in crowded areas can easily reduce noise impact on neighbours, as well as improving conditions for workers and staff.
The automotive industry is incorporating heat-resistant foams into undercarriages, frames and even engine compartments, greatly reducing road noise and increasing thermal isolation. This reduces fuel consumption and makes air-condition and heating more fuel efficient.
We all know from personal experience the use of foam in bedding, but today it can also be used under astro-turf-like artificial grass arenas, and in play areas for children, greatly reducing injuries.  Football equipment has improved greatly too, reducing injuries and making the plastic armour lighter and more durable.
When you look around yourself every day, you can imagine wonderful places that foam could improve lives. Just try it!
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