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Decoration as the word is defined means a way to make something look more attractive and pleasing. Our house is one dear thing to us. It’s the place where we can quietly crawl and be ourselves. And the house has its needs. While we keep ourselves all decked up and clean we forget to make the place we live in the same. Now while decorating houses can be a pain and a tedious task, one can always look up for simple ideas. These simple ideas not only give your house a new look but also helps in cleaning all the mess that keeps on piling for years.

Here are 5 innovative and yet simple ideas for decorating your house:

Change the color of walls:

An important part of the house that makes it one is the wall. Not every year it is feasible for us to get the whitewash done and hence we suggest the use of wallpapers. Wallpapers are simple to put and take off. They come in many colours and vibrant patterns and give the house a whole new look. We can also cover the walls with some nicely painted plates. Make sure that the plates are of different sizes and colours.

Vintage Time:

There is absolutely no need to throw the things you have taken pain in collecting for all these years. Firstly we may not get the amount that we want in exchange and secondly there a few things that nobody would be interesting in buying. Hence, a simple trick is to re-paint or re-polish them and use them as antiques to make the living room a bit classy and elegant. These items will also become subjects of conversation and lead to happy times.

Check those Drapes:

Curtains are on essential thing in the decorating items. It is very important that the curtains we choose should match the rest of the space. We can add pieces of laces and linings to the already existing curtains and give them a new look. The point to be take care of is that the add-ons should match the walls.

Mounting a Bar:

Men like to have a bar in their living spaces. And for all those who collect shot glasses display cases, a mounted bar is a perfect idea. A mounted bar will basically have a shot glass display case where all the shot glasses and miniatures could fit and a sleek cabinet below it for the big bottles. This will have two functions primarily, firstly it acts as a brilliant decorating idea and secondly it will give one compact space for all the shot glasses that otherwise would be just lying around anywhere.

Shining lights:

Lighting of a place remains a crucial aspect for the look of it. A good lighting arrangement can change the whole ambience of an otherwise ordinary looking place into a serene one. One can go for cheap white lights and replace them with the normal tubes and CFLs and make the rooms shine bright like a diamond.

Finding a genuine seller of mounting items can be difficult as the quality remains a crucial feature. Showcase-Express is a very renowned and trusted brand for such items. A visit to their site, for the brilliant range they offer, is suggestible. This festival season let’s give our homes their due.

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