10 Reasons Your Miami Beach Property Didn’t Sell

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We work with sellers who previously had their homes on the market, and the properties didn’t sell. Once they get to us, they are tired, frustrated and just over the entire process. It can be a tedious process especially when everyone is working hard to get the property sold, and nothing is happening. Ultimately, the market and the buyers of the market are what dictate the selling of the property, and that’s the market we have to play to and get the home sold.


Generally speaking, there are three main reasons why a home doesn’t sell, and they include Price, Condition, and Location.

However, there are other reasons too.

10 Reasons Your Miami Beach Property Didn’t Sell (or Isn’t Selling)


1.  Bad Pictures

One of the biggest reasons why a property doesn’t sell is because of really bad amateur pictures. Most buyers start their search online and create lists while searching. If they don’t like what they see online, via the photos, it’s rare that they are going to take the time to look at the property in person. Here is an example of how pictures can tell a story.

1. Living Room- Amateur Photo
Photography When Selling Your Miami Beach Home (8)

Living Room – Professional Photo:
Photography When Selling Your Miami Beach Home (7)

2.  Inaccurate Information

Agents and buyers search for properties in a very specific way through the MLS and online. The fields are very particular. If you miss one detail, it’s possible that the property will not come up in searches. For instance, if the parking is missed or if it’s listed as a co-op instead of a condo. Or even more specific rental allowances, pets, pool, amenities. It’s best to have as many details as possible. Always review your MLS sheet that your agent has provided to review and see if there are any mistakes and if there is anything to be added.

3.  Inaccurate Mapping, Zipcodes

Sometimes mistakes happen and I have seen properties that are supposed to be in Miami Beach mapped to Miami. If a search is done via a map it’s possible that the property will not come up if it’s listed in the wrong area.

4.  Difficult Showings

It needs to be easy to get into the property and show it. And just because some agents wait to the last minute to make appointments, doesn’t mean the buyer is unqualified or not a good buyer. Sometimes it is our experience that a buyer may be here for one day, look at properties in one price point and then change their mind. So the buyer agents have a quickly regroup and make a ton of last minute appointments. This has happened to us many times with buyers and the buyers were serious and very qualified. You have to be accommodating. Also, if you have challenging tenants, it’s important to find a way to make it work for them. Offer an incentive, give proper notice and work around their needs.

5.  Hard to Reach Showing Agents

Some agents make it so impossible to schedule appointments. If it’s hard to show a property, it’s going to be hard to sell it.

6.  How Many Homes are on the Market Now

During the year the properties on the market fluctuate and it’s important to know and understand your competition. You have to price around these other properties. I know everyone thinks their property or building is better than the next, but buyers don’t care. They want to get a good value and they will consider other homes on the market.

7.  Recent Home Sales Prices Now

Maybe you are priced too high based on recent home sales prices. Have you taken a look at recent home sales prices? If not, this is a good time to do it so you can get a good idea of what’s selling now and at what price. If you have had your property already listed for six months or so, within six months seasons change and the pricing can be very different. You need to know recent home sales prices for today.

8. DIY Home Repairs

Sorry folks but we are not all cut out to do work around our homes and DIY home repairs can be pretty obvious. DIY home repairs often make buyers nervous because the work is not professionally guaranteed.

9.  The Agent

Sometimes it does come down to the agent, their reputation, and personality. If an agent makes it hard to show the property, talks bad about the property (

Some agents really need your listing so they may agree to take it for whatever you demand as the selling price. Although this may initially feel like a win for you, if the property is priced incorrectly it will not sell. It’s important to hire an agent who knows the market, guides you and gives you the tough advice. Trust me, I never want to sell a property for less but if it’s priced wrong the market will let us know pretty quickly. You have to have an agent who is willing to communicate consistently with you and tell you the hard things.

No showings = no offers.

10. You the Seller

It’s not easy to say this, but maybe it’s you. Maybe you are making the property hard to sell. Maybe you haven’t come to terms with pricing. Many a seller in Miami Beach like to compare their property to the next door property or other units, and the reality is buyers price properties building by building, unit by unit.

For instance, I recently had a seller tell me, “Well they are getting $700K next door for one bedrooms, so my two bedroom should get at least $900K.”

Yes, the next door one bedroom units, can fetch $700K for a one bedroom because (1) it is a branded building with a good reputation, (2) it’s a newer building, (3) the amenities are dynamite, (4) their rules allow short terms rentals which instantly creates added value for out of town buyers and (5) the condition of the renovation of the building was top of the line (6) those one bedrooms that sell for $700K have direct ocean views.

Unfortunately, your building and unit is not the same, (1) it is not a branded building, (2) it’s from 1964 and not currently brought up to date, (3) the hallways are dark and dingy, (4) the amenities are bare necessities and (5) the DIY renovations in the property are obvious and (6) your unit doesn’t have a view, it faces a building.

It may not be what a seller wants to hear, but it’s important to be upfront and honest.

Ultimately, the market is what dictates the selling prices. If you want to get your home sold the next time around, it’s important to hire a professional who takes professional photos, has a strong marketing plan, makes the property easy to show and is willing to have those tough conversations with you about pricing when required.

If you have more questions about why your home didn’t sell, please feel free to call Jamey today at: 305-793-8965 and she can walk you through our market plan of getting your home back on the market and sold today.

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