5 Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

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It is only about a week or so until Halloween and it’s certainly still not too late to decorate your home for it! In this blog, we’ll focus on easy and fast Halloween decorating ideas that are bound to make your indoor Halloween decorating super spook-tacular! Best part? No pumpkin-carving skills required!

Painted-on Pumpkin Family Portrait

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Hey, we did say that there are no pumpkin-carving skills necessary, right? If you can’t carve it, paint it!

The procedure for having a painted-on pumpkin family portrait is super easy. Get some pumpkin (larger ones are better) and some chalkboard paint. Grab a brush and paint a huge circle on your pumpkin to serve as the face. Once the chalkboard paint is dry, you can then unleash your chalk creativity and either draw faces or maybe write some messages on your pumpkin.

Just some tips: We won’t be painting the whole pumpkin because that will make it rot really fast. This Halloween décor idea would also look best when you have a variety of pumpkin shapes and sizes, so be sure to take note of that.  For easier painting, choose pumpkins with smooth sides and be sure to do at least 3 coats of paint for best colour contrast. Last but not the least, finish off your new décor by adding some leaves, candles, twigs, and maybe some candy corn in tall clear vases.

Repurpose with some Sass!

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Once Halloween is over, you can still use some of your chalkboard pumpkins as a fall centerpiece! Simply add some accessories like a vintage candlestick, a bed of fall leaves, and perhaps a Halloween card. You’d be surprised at how creative you can get!

Create a Halloween Banner

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String printed letters spelling out a Halloween-associated word unto some twine and hang over your Halloween-decorated mantel or centerpiece. You can even add your children’s artwork or perhaps some season-appropriate cards!

Get Creative with Leaves!

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Do you love fall colours? Then you’d love this decorating idea! Take a walk around your neighbourhood and collect some beautiful leaves. Once home, flatten the leaves by pressing them inside a book for a few hours. You can then use these leaves either by framing them or hanging them with miniature clothespins from your local craft store. For an added flair, hang above a jar of Halloween candy and some miniature pumpkins. This decorating idea is so easy, it’s a great DIY idea to make with your little ones!

Halloween Mini-Me

halloween home ideas5

If you have limited space but still want to decorate for Halloween, you can do so with this decorating idea! Grab a tray, some candy corn, a small pumpkin, and perhaps some candles or leaves. It’s a small project but it will certainly add colour to your day!

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