How a Parking Lot Sign Is Much More Important than You Thought

Written by Posted On Friday, 06 November 2015 02:27

One of my biggest pet peeves is the haphazard way in which most suburbanites drive in parking lots. The rules of the road are clearly defined and understood by all...well most of us. However, when it comes to parking lots, people tend to have a way of forgetting all logic and reason on which normal driving principles are based.

Lane marking lines are ignored, directional indicators are viewed as mere suggestions, and a parking lot sign signifying an area of restricted parking may as well not even be there it seems. It's almost as if people stop thinking about the world around them, which is fundamental to operating any moving vehicle, and shift their focus solely to the tasks at hand in their own world. The moment the vehicle leaves the public road and crosses into the private parking lot, the ONLY thought that remains in many of our minds is, "how do I get into the store (or school, or gym, or etc.) as quickly as humanly possible". Forget about pedestrians, lanes, and even other cars in my way, because in a parking lot, none of that stuff matters right?

The quick change of driving behavior in parking lots can be attributed to the lack of consequences. For many drivers, there is no reason to drive responsibly or to simply be considerate in a parking lot because there is no one to tell them otherwise. Except for a few unique circumstances, people do not get tickets for ignoring a parking lot sign or driving through marked lines. Many of us are willing to accept the risk that comes with parking in restricted areas because, in most cases, we'll be gone before anyone notices or has time to respond.


One parking lot sign that doesn't get ignored too often is the "Tow Away Zone" sign. Usually, it only takes one encounter with a stealthy tow truck driver and his non-sympathetic supporting cast to make one extremely leery of these signs. Again, this is only because of the extreme consequence that comes with the posting. If not for the threat of towing, the sign would be ignored just like most others.

Therefore, the key to producing an effective parking lot sign and ensuring safety in and around your property is to be sure that the warning or mandate posted in the sign is one that can and will be enforced. If a lane is truly intended or required to be a one-way, use barriers and landscaping to encourage compliance.

If the stakes are really high, one-way puncture strips or gates can be implemented. For restricted parking, make sure that security or other on-site personnel is informed and equipped to enforce the policies. Have the local law enforcement or tow company on speed dial, ready to respond to violators if and when the need arises. The point is not to become a burden to your customers and guests, but instead to ensure their safety by promoting and enforcing safe driving behavior in the parking lot.

A well placed barrier with the potential to cause minor vehicle damage, or a visit from local authorities and the tow truck man should be enough to make even the most stubborn and aloof drivers pay attention in our parking lots.

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