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7 Things a Professional Home Rubbish Removal Company Will Do

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 November 2015 05:59

Waste comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Getting rid of furniture, clearing garage space, or renovating can result in a large buildup of household waste. But, there are several professional rubbish removal services to help eliminate this collection of waste. We spoke with Rubbish Taxi a London based rubbish removal firm who gave us some of the common services offered by the rubbish removal companies:


This type of service can help clear all types of rubbish from the residential address. An estimate for home rubbish removal is based on a variety of factors, such as location, volume, and time. Get two or three free, no-obligations quotes from different removal service to get a better idea of the options available and pricing.

Hard rubbish collection

Large hard rubbish waste is a common reason to use the professional removal companies. Hard waste includes lawn mowers, TVs, washing machines, dishwasher, scrap metal, furniture, air conditions, and white goods (white-colored household appliances).

Deceased estate

Deceased estate rubbish removal is a service provided to collect and dispose of rubbish and waste from a deceased person's property. Rather than simply disposing of all items, they can also help with cleaning up the property and sorting the non-valuable and valuable items.

Garbage collection

Besides the one-off removals and collections, most of the rubbish removal companies can offer a regular service to pickup and haul the garbage waste to the dump.

Garden and green waste

This is a specific service for collecting park rubbish, green waste, or garden refuse like chipped wood, leaves, animal bedding, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, etc. Most of this type of waste is easily recycled.


Any office or home renovation will leave behind a high volume of waste that needs to be collected and disposed. A professional rubbish removal service is the best option to get rid of large pieces of furniture, old floorboards, masonry, etc. Make sure to search for the company that gets rid of the waste in an ethical fashion and uses the designated dumps or similar locations.

Carpet removal

A carpet removal and disposal services is involved in pulling up and removing the old carpeting or similar flood materials. They will also help to clean up the area and donate or recycle the removed flooring.

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