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Increasing the Price with Contemporary Design: Exclusive Tips

Written by Posted On Saturday, 14 November 2015 10:43

We all have our ideas of a perfect interior design, but few manage to turn their vision into reality. A modern design is a great source of inspiration that features clean lines, natural color palette, and toned-down details. It is a specific form of art that, if done right, can not only enhance the overall experience of a certain place, but its price as well.

Art, as we all know it, adds significant value to a real estate, and if you are hunting big prospects you will certainly find an inspiration in some of the following suggestions.

Simply the best

If we would have to choose one word that best describes contemporary design it would be simplicity.  This basic rule means that rooms should be as uncluttered as possible. Clean lines work well with minimal artwork and accessories. This keeps the space functional and open, which is paramount for this type of design. A contemporary kitchen, for example, has ample workroom and makes everything you need easily accessible.  Furthermore, technology and electronics should merge into space and be streamlined.

Living room

A living room is often the place that sets the tone for the style of the entire home. It should be updated pretty much as a wardrobe, with new accessories every season. So, add some killer decorative pieceslike thesefire pits from Blazing Glass.  Many people make the mistake of placing the TV in the centre of attention, but it should not interfere with the flow of the room, and let other details shine. A round coffee table is excellent when for when the client’s friends come by, and also make sure you have a comfortable place to them to sink in and relax.

Pattern on

Many people shy away from mixing patterns. But, the secret is to pick a color theme and stick to it. Then, it is possible to use a bunch of different patterns and nail a lively and chic look. The next thing to note is that even oversized patterns complement the design if they are limited to the well-defined spaces. Powerful patterns should not take over the room, however, and choke other aspects of design to death. With that said, floral prints and super-sized stripes give the interior a whimsical touch.

United Colours

You cannot go wrong with an all-white space, but make an effort to introduce some variety. White canvas is the best one for experimenting with colours, and you can go for the contemporary design trademark, a contrast of black and white. In a neutral room bold-coloured details spark interest and offer a much-needed breath of fresh air. A simple backdrop also allows you to make some daring moves like swathing one whole wall with colourful wallpaper.  

Have a seat

Try to keep the furnishing from weighing the space down if you want to create a light and airy space. A dynamic seating arrangement of sofas in the centre of the room is a nice focal point, but it must not engulf a room. That is why oversized sofas better serve their purpose when put against the wall, especially in small places. Bring some Moroccan poufs instead to create a casual feel for prospects.  Also, it is advisable to use large swaths of solid colour in order to anchor the space.

Take shelter


Modern does not mean boring and lifeless, on the contrary. Start small and simple and invite decorative elements gradually. Play the game of patterns and have some pops of colour brighten up the feel. Create an open and clean, yet cosy and inviting living area that reflects any personality. The only problem your clients will have if you apply the aforementioned tips is that they will hate leaving the place.  

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