Design Tips: 10 Easy Ways to Create the Illusion of Higher Ceilings

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Love high ceilings but been blessed with none of that in your home? Then you’d adore this compilation of low-ceiling fixes that’s sure to give your ceilings some much needed height! Invoke a sense of grandeur and add a pinch of elegance by using the following ideas to create the illusion of higher ceilings in your home!

Go for Skinny Bookshelves

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Skinny bookshelves draw the eye upward. Choose ones that go as high as your ceilings and you’ll surely love the sense of extra vertical space it will create.

Use Full Height Doors

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Lower passageways and doorways instantly make a room feel cramped and oppressive. Go for the opposite in your home’s design to make your space feel more open and taller.

Ceiling-High Kitchen Cabinets

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Sure, reaching for the top shelf may prove to be a challenge on some days but the aesthetic effect is surely worth all that trouble; and hey, extra kitchen storage is always welcome!

Install Full-Height Mirrors

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Mirrors are great at creating a false appearance; in fact, installing them can easily give you higher ceilings in a jiffy!

Don’t Forget the Fireplace!

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Small details matters a lot. By bringing the finish on your fireplace’s face all the way up to your ceiling, you’ll not only create the illusion of height, but will also bless your home with a striking architectural detail that’s a focal point on its own.

Use the Magic of Paint

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Painting your walls and ceilings the same colour blurs out the lines of where your walls and ceilings merges, hence making the walls look taller. If you have dark wall colours, you may use a lighter colour in the same family for the ceiling to achieve the same effect.

Don’t Skimp on the Curtains!

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Floor to ceiling curtains really makes walls appear taller, thereby giving your room the illusion of height. Add in some pleats and that consistent vertical detail will make the room taller as well.

Use Chandeliers and Vertical Wall Sconces

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Using chandeliers in rooms with low ceilings seems to be not such a great idea, but using transparent or see-through ones not only creates beautiful rays of light, it draws your eyes up too! The same goes for vertical sconces.

Furnish with Low-Profile Furniture

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Low-slung chairs and couches can produce dramatic effects that can create the impression of higher ceilings. Using scale to create height is a genius way to claim back some ceiling space. Low profile furniture can do the same by seemingly melting into the background.

Clean Up and Declutter

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You’d be surprised at how removing some items from a room can really transform a space. If you have no other place to store the removed items, using an inventive storage solution can in the same room will free more space, giving you the illusion of a larger area and higher ceilings!

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