Design Tips: 8 Ways to Add Flair to an Unused Fireplace

Written by Posted On Friday, 20 November 2015 09:05

Gone are the days when the hearth used to be the home’s focal point when the cold months roll in. With modern heating available these days, more and more homes have no real use for fireplaces anymore. Don’t you want to change that? With just a few tweaks, your home’s fireplace could once again be the place where your family gathers around. Take a look below at the awesome ways you can add flair to your unused fireplace and see which will work best for your home!

Paint It Up!


An unused fireplace can be painted a crisp white or a bold hue to stand out even more. Then you can simply add some sculptural logs or perhaps get more hearth-styling ideas below.

Transform into an Artwork Gallery


Whether you’ll be displaying a knock off of a vintage art piece or displaying a beautifully painted large canvass, there’s just something so chic about using the fireplace to show off some good art. It doesn’t have to be a pricey masterpiece either, as a DIY wall art crafted in the artist in your family will do the same trick.

Showcase Your Magazines


A thoroughly cleaned fireplace would make a nice home for a nice stack of magazines that you can’t bear to part ways with. Pair it with a comfy chair near the fireplace and you’ve got yourself a cute reading nook.

Fill with Logs


There’s just something about a neatly stacked pile of logs that makes one feel warm and gooey inside. Maybe because it signals the start of the cold season, or perhaps because it can remind us of the joys of having a warm roaring fire when it’s snowing outside. Ah, the simple pleasures.

Fill with Flea Market Finds


An old trunk, some old candleholders, whimsical birdcages, or antique trinkets all look equally good displayed in a fireplace. The key is finding the perfect size objects to complement your unused hearth.

No-Fail Candles


The glow of flickering candlelight mimics the smoldering embers from a used fireplace and is a surefire way of boosting a room’s ambiance. To be on the safe side, you may opt for battery operated fake candles too!

Display Some Greens


Totally unexpected in a fireplace, a cluster of greenery provides a welcome distraction. Be warned though that real plants will probably not last in an unused fireplace so using high quality faux plants would be wise.

Transform into Recessed Shelving


With a little bit of DIY skills, you can install some shelving inside an unused fireplace for an unexpected way to store books, knick-knacks, and what not. A coat of paint won’t hurt either.

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