It’s Easy to Get Your Motor Running with These Blinds!

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Looking for something that will add a visual impact to your living space? Searching high and low for a reasonable and economical home upgrade that will not only bring an element of style and sophistication to your quarters, but also help manage your home’s heating and cooling costs? Though it might be hard to imagine, or perhaps, you’ve never really even considered them, but automated window coverings can satisfy all of these things that your space may be lacking.

How Far Window Coverings Have Come  

Regardless as to whether or not you’re an interior designer or just someone who has had to replace their window coverings over the years, you have to admit that a lot has changed when it comes to shades and blinds. And while we aren’t speaking directly about colours, materials, or patterns (advancements in these characteristics should not be understated, but they aren’t exactly up for examination here), the mere fact that the technologically they use has reached a point of sophistication that allows them to be controlled virtually from anywhere in the world – provided of course you’re within range of an internet connection – speaks volumes.

The Benefits of Automated Window Coverings

First and foremost, automated window blinds or shades are available in all the contemporary styles and fabrics that would compliment your existing décor. But when it comes to these automated fixtures, visual appeal is just the tip of the iceberg.

Long-lasting Motors Operate Quietly and Efficiently

Conventional blinds can be cumbersome to open and close several times a day, especially if the cord or other apparatus is particularly difficult to get to. Due to things like the size of the room or said room’s contents, ensuring your windows are allowing the right amount of light into your space can admittedly be more trouble than it’s worth.

Automated switches and systems take care of the hassle for you – and do so in a blissful silence we’ve become largely unaccustomed to from a number of our larger, lumbering appliances.

Upon installation, these systems can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day, when lighting conditions reach a particular intensity and (depending on the system’s sophistication) can be controlled over the internet using a handheld device, or paired to a smart home control console.

Operating silently is great, controlling them remotely is maybe better still – but arguably the greatest benefit you can expect from pairing your roman shades or vertical blinds to an automated system is the potential for cost savings on your hydro bills.

How Autonomous Window Coverings Save You Money

Granted, the initial investment required to automate your window coverings may be more than heading down to your local department store and picking up a set of aluminum shades. That being said, you shouldn’t jump the gun by assuming that the addition of automated functionality will break the bank – or require a Masters in electrical engineering to install. Point of fact, there are many simple to use products out there that anyone can install and operate. There are also many resources detailing interesting DIY projects for the technologically savvy, should you be so inclined – but be warned: projects like these can frustratingly difficult to complete on your own.

As previously alluded to, automated blinds can be set to open and close at specific times of the day or as temperatures rise due to the increase of direct sunlight. Without employing a temperature sensor or a programmable unit, you would essentially have two options. The first would be to manually close your blinds in the morning, essentially blocking any sunlight from entering your home while you’re gone. While this would keep your air conditioner from needlessly turning on throughout the day, you would also be depriving any pets or plants you might have from enjoying some natural sunlight.

The second option you’d have would be just the opposite; you could leave your window coverings open all day everyday while you’re at work but, as was previously mentioned, your home’s HVAC system would be working to cool a living space to the benefit of no one; all while spinning your meter.

Protect Your Furnishings From Sun Damage

In addition to an out of control electric bill – there is one other cost to consider: sun damage. Left unchecked, the Sun’s harmful UV rays can dull the fabrics of your favourite furnishings almost right before your eyes, so employing an automated system also helps to protect your vulnerable furnishings and extend their lifespans considerably.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons to use automated window coverings, but whether it’s to reduce costs or prevent sun damage, one thing is certain; automated window coverings make your life easier and look great while doing so.

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