How to: avoid the pains of letting a business property

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 December 2015 20:30

“The pain! The pain!!!!” What were those two opening sentences supposed to represent, exactly? They were, befuddled and bemused readers, the unmistakeable sound of your bank balance being gouged by a letting agent.

You’ll be hearing that noise A LOT if you fall into the many traps inherent in the property letting process. And while these financial issues might hit your wallet hard when you’re purchasing somewhere to live, the problem will only intensify when you’re searching for a business property.

Many businesses have less property-buying acumen than only a few decades ago, thanks to the proliferation of internet success stories trying to gain a foothold on the high street.

But you don’t have to stumble across the pitfalls of dodgy letting agents and major pricing mishaps just to rent a property. All you really need to do is bear these tips in mind.

The right agents

As has been implied above, many letting agents will try their best to suck your cash flow dry. They’ll stretch the truth until it looks suspiciously like a falsehood. Here, as an example, is a hypothetical discussion you might have with a dodgy letting agent:

You: So, will the property come fully furnished?

Dodgy Letting Agent: As you can see, the property comes complete with four smooth walls – no lumpy concrete here, ha! – and a south-facing window, as well as an impressive entrance/exit facility!

You: It doesn’t come fully furnished, does it?

Dodgy Letting Agent: Well, no.

To help you find a letting agent you can trust, we’ve tracked down these guys, who have shops for sale in reputable areas, and will tell you all you need to know in a clear and straightforward manner.

The perfect location

Finding a location is a high-wire act that few manage to get right. You’ve got to find a location that won’t break the bank, but will still pull in the punters. How do you do this? By knowing exactly what your core demographic is.

To find this out, hire a reputable media agency to figure out the needs and wants of your clients (or you can do this yourself). Once you’ve found this out, you’ll be able to move into a location where your demographic thrives.

If the perfect property isn’t in your price range, then it’s still possible to move somewhere more remote and be a success, generally via clever marketing techniques and associating yourself with similar companies.


No matter where you decide to locate yourself, bear one factor in mind – a property you can’t afford will leave you in the red, so be sure to lure every customer you can through your doors. 

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