10 Ideas for an Instantly Fabulous Home

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Breathing new life to your home does not have to mean spending thousands of dollars or a complete home makeover. Oftentimes, even a minor change can pack a lot of whop, more so if it is really out of the ordinary. Want to know how you can do a quick home makeover just before the holidays? Then you better keep reading!

Be Bold With Colour

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Don’t be afraid to use a strong colour more so if your home has a mostly neutral palette. Painting one wall or a group of cabinets a strong bright hue will create a visual play that’s sure to wow the senses.

Play With Graphics

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Want to make a statement? Try using wallpaper murals or vinyl graphics with an oversized print. You can go as eclectic as you want or keep it classic with a blown-up black and white print.

Go Black

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When you want to make a bold choice but is not sure what colour to go for, you can never go wrong with black. Try it as a paint colour for one wall or just have one big black furniture to instantly create a focal point in a room.

Feature Wall is All the Rage

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If you like keeping things simple but is still looking for an extra wow factor, then having a feature wall is the safe way to go. You can either use a bold pop of colour, play with graphics, or choose black. The key here is to downplay the rest of the room.

Create Impact with Your Door

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A unique door can create an out of this world experience for someone experiencing a room for the first time. This doesn’t have to be expensive either, as you can check out flea markets and antique stores to find some awesome deals.

Go Big With Art

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Oversized art can pretty much act like an accent wall, anchoring the room and giving it more substance. For a minimalist approach at home styling, this is a sure win!

Be Whimsical

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Adding a playful accent piece to a room can be a great conversation starter. You may go for unusual wood carvings, a fairytale-like chandelier, or perhaps a candy-shaped chair. The key here is having a seemingly out of place object feel like it totally belongs to the space.

Experiment with Materials

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A totally unexpected detail can be very beautiful. Perhaps you can use bamboo as a table top or use brass for your bathroom fixtures. It’s all about unique details!

Dramatic Lighting

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Lighting can create a huge impact on a room, more so when it’s oversized! Use a gigantic floor lamp or a gargantuan chandelier while keeping the rest of the room very minimalistic and you’ll surely generate some ohs and ahs.

Bring On the Special Effects

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Light strips along your walls or LED light strips along the floor can inspire awe and help create a magical ambiance. If you can get remote control ones, then it’s even better!

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