How You Can Sell Your House Quickly for the Maximum Amount?

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One problem I see a lot with properties that are languishing on the market without viewings, is an apparent breakdown in the relationship between the seller and their estate agent.  It's not easy, I know, to keep your patience, (and sometimes your temper!) when week after week goes by with no contact from your agent, and no viewings. The properties that sell are often those where the seller and their agent have a really good relationship.  So what can you do to make sure your agent is on your side, fighting your corner and selling your house?

Here are my top three tips to keep your agent sweet, and onside:

1) Talk to him regularly: Don't wait for him to call you, and don't assume you'll be regarded as a pest if you get in touch with him.  Keep him informed if you're going away, ask him about market conditions and recently sold properties, and keep your conversations positive and encouraging.  That way, he will want to talk to you!

2) Ask his advice -  After all, he is an expert in his field, and everyone feels flattered when asked for advice.  No matter how small a question, ask him and act on his advice wherever possible.  He will view the relationship in a positive way if you do.

3) Thank him often - if you have a viewing, or he emails you to give you your online statistics, let him know you appreciate his time and input. In all these three, what you're actually doing is staying top of mind  in your agent's mind. That way, the next interested buyer who calls him may just find out all about your house, and even book a viewing.

Estate agents do like to describe houses as 'desirable', 'spacious' and 'internal viewing recommended', but they often forget that people buy with their hearts, not their heads.  Often it's the little things that make us mentally move into our next home - the way the sunlight comes through the kitchen window, the sight of wild birds in the garden, or the owner telling us where she puts her Christmas tree.  

These little aspects of a home are hugely important, and a great way of capturing the attention of your buyers.  Here is my three step Selling Secret guide to make sure that you really captivate them:

  • Your photos - When the agent or photographer arrives, instead of letting him get on with taking lots of wide-angled shots of the main rooms (boring), encourage him to photograph some evocative details: a lit wood burning stove, a kettle on the Aga, afternoon tea laid out on the kitchen table.
  • Atmosphere - Same goes for your viewings; add atmosphere and a sense of homeliness with clever touches.  Try some subtle music playing during the viewing, put some breadcrumbs out for the birds just before they arrive, add a reading corner with a comfy chair, lamp and a good book laid as if only just put down.
  • Tell a story - If you conduct your own viewings, describe to your viewers how you use each space.  For example, how you love to cook whilst watching the kids play in the garden, how you walk to the nearest pub on a summer's evening, where the barbecue goes in the garden.  Help your viewers to visualise the house as a home, and you will give them the best possible chance to imagine themselves living in it.

Try making a list of all the things you truly love about your home, and plan how you can use these to turn your viewer into a buyer.






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