Homeowners Insurance Add-Ons to Protect Your Home against Extreme Weather Conditions

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 January 2016 07:58

When you purchase a house, you never expect anything to go wrong with it. Despite your best intentions, mother nature sometimes has different thoughts about your new property. For this reason, you go about securing yourself a good homeowners insurance policy.This not only gives you peace of mind, but it also provides financial security should something unusual occur. Of course, some areas of the country are prone to more extreme weather conditions and when you are in one of those areas you might want to consider additional coverage. Fortunately for you, many companies offer a wide variety of add-ons to help ensure you have the full protection you need. Among those options, here are some that everyone should think about before settling on any one company.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, this sort of coverage is one of those add-ons that virtually everyone should consider. The truth is, many floods occur outside of the zones. Whether it is due to excessive raining that might change an otherwise flood-free area into a waterlogged mess or a man-made mistake such as a burst pipe or malfunctioning appliances, flood damage can really wreak havoc on your home and destroy your possessions. If you don’t have proper flood coverage, you could find yourself with a catastrophic loss and no financial support to help you through it.

Protection from Volcanoes

Though this might sound like a joke to some people, there are actually some areas in the country where volcano insurance is as much of a fear as flooding is for waterfront property. If you live near a volcano, even if it has been inactive for some time, you should consider looking at this sort of coverage. Just remember to check exactly what it protects against, as it may not cover the side effects related to this type of unusual eruption.

Sink Hole Protection

While some areas are more prone to sink holes, many insurance companies offer sink hole coverage as an add-on to your traditional policy. This type of coverage will offer you peace of mind should your home become damaged by one of these events.

Other Natural Disasters

In reality, there are about as many add-ons available as there are extreme weather conditions. Some areas of the country offer policy extensions that will protect against earthquakes, tornadoes, and even more localized weather events. In states like Florida, hurricane coverage is pretty much included with a separate deductible on the typical policy, but other areas offer it as an add-on.

Getting the Best Homeowners Insurance Add-Ons


Ultimately, you never know what challenges you might face during your life as a homeowner. While the hope is that you never have to deal with any of these disasters, the reason you have insurance in the first place is to protect yourself against potential catastrophes. So, before you feel that your homeowners insurance is enough by itself, remember to consider the extreme weather you might face and prepare your policy accordingly. This way, no matter what you are up against, you can approach it with financial confidence. 

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