8 Exquisitely Refreshing Shower Designs

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Running out of ideas for a stunningly beautiful bathroom? Find your muse in any of these 8 shower design ideas and see which one will work for your space. From classic roman to very modern and posh showers, you’ll surely find one that resonates with your personality!

Place it in the Middle


Refreshingly bold and oh so needed, placing your shower in the middle of two vanities is the perfect idea for a shared bathroom or for a master shower. Whether you go for tiled walls or opt for sophisticated twin glass panels, your middle ground shower is bound to be an instant focal point in your bathroom when done like this.

All Around


Have a lot of room in your bathroom? Then design your shower to give your tub a hug. The perfect shower idea if you love waterfall shower heads and dual shower heads, the visual impact alone is worth going for this truly unique shower design.

Behind Stained Glass Doors


If you love stained glass or going for a gothic theme, then placing stained glass doors in your shower area is the way to go. Get to feel the joy of your day’s troubles being washed away in a serene looking shower stall that’s reminiscent of churches and classical buildings for a stress-relieving shower experience.

Go for All in One


The idea of placing your tub inside your shower works for both large and small spaces. It also makes maintenance and clean up a breeze too.

A Touch of History


A fan of ancient Greece? Like Roman bath houses? Then you’d certainly love having marbled tiles and arched doorways in your shower. It does make your bathroom look ancient, but remember that you can fill it up with modern amenities to your heart’s content. Chrome and other metallic finishes will work well with marble and this theme.

Ultra-Modern and Minimalist


Glass has come a long way and these days, it can be utilised to create out of this world shower designs. Instead of a traditional wall, divide your bathroom with a thick glass that also serves as your vanity’s and shower’s main wall for an airy and sophisticated bathroom.

Meditative and Soothing


Go for a dark color palette that’s dominated by cool colours for a serene feeling shower. You may add wood accents or a mosaic floor for an extra wow factor without making the space look cluttered. Installing rain fall simulating showers will give this kind of shower the most relaxing vibe.

Truly Centre Stage


If space is not a problem, then design your whole bathroom so that the shower stands in the middle as the room’s main feature. You can hide the plumbing by installing columns and enclosing the whole shower in glass. Whether you have a bit of an exhibitionist streak or not, this shower is a confidence booster!

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