10 Tips on How to Dress Tall Windows

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Lucky are those who have elegant tall windows in their home, but dressing tall windows is a challenge for many. For one, dressing regular windows is difficult enough. There’s so many things to consider such as beauty, UV protection, light control, thermal energy conservation, and privacy. Lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas that might just be what you need below.

Go for Full Coverage

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If you’re in need of privacy or if there are tall structures that overlook your home, this is the way to go. Almost nobody wants their neighbours to find out what they’re doing inside their homes and to achieve that, you’ll have to install full-height drapes. It would also be wise to check the coverage at night just to be sure that your window covering is not revealing more than you’d like. Blackout linings are always a good idea to maximise privacy and light blocking.

Just Partial Coverage

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Partial coverage offers a nice compromise for those who love their privacy but still want to wake up to morning sunshine. This window dressing also works if you’re short of cash because you can opt to only work on what’s needed.

No Coverage

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High windows in transition areas such as stairs do not really need to be covered. If you’d want some colour, you can opt for a bit of stained glass to do the trick.

Multi-Level Covering

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Installing separate blinds for your windows’ lower portion and upper portion allows you to darken a room and enhance just the way you’d want, when you want.

Mixed Strategy

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Why not install blinds, have drapes, and have both be united by having a box valance? This combination allows you to decorate as you please plus adjust light and privacy too!

Adding Flair

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If your tall windows are making your home seem drab and too ‘lean’, consider adding loosely tied sheer panels to add drama and flair plus soften hard edges.

Show Off That Length!

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To send attention up, use dressed up detailing at the top. Dramatic fabric folds and colours at the top of your window enhances the height your room has.

Showcase the Room

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Whether you’re aiming to enhance a linear look or want to bring attention down, opt for a no-fuss finish at the top of your windows. Concealing drapery hardware and using fabulous patterned fabric will help the eyes focus down and make your home feel cozier.

Sunglass for Your Windows

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UV window films cuts down on glare and protects your furnishings from deterioration and fading. This does not give you coverage although it helps tone down a room’s brightness from natural light.

The Solution Might Be Out of Your Window!

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Shutters, awnings, and filtering screens can reduce light intrusion. Ornamental filter screens also create stunning displays of light and shadow inside your home.

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