Clark County School District

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Clark County School DistrictClark County School District

Clark County School District consists of 350 - 375 schools including charter schools. Students in this district are assigned a school based on their residential location. Students can apply for a transfer to another school and some students who are particularly gifted in certain areas are sometimes encouraged to move to a different school where they can cultivate their talents.

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This school district is in the top 5 largest school districts in the United States. This school district hosts over 300,000 students and employs over 40,000 Nevada residents. These schools hosts a variety of sport, educational, and music and arts programs as well as several Magnet Schools and technical schools. Many special Clark County School Districteducation and secondary education options are offered by this school district as well to insure than everyone receives has access to a great education.

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The main cities included in the Clark County School District is Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite, Laughlin, and several other smaller cities. The school district was started in the later 1950’s and is divided by 7 different regions. This school district tries to provide their students with the best facilities, programs, technology, and teachers as possible, but many of these schools are crowded due to the fast growing population of Clark County. Because of this boom, the district had to look outside the state for qualified teachers as there were not enough teachers to fill open teaching positions. Due to the recession, Clark County could not provide the funds needed for new schools to be built to host the growing number of students, but now with the market turning around in Las Vegas and the rest of the county, many are hopeful that construction on new schools will start soon.Clark County School District

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The Clark County School District is quite impressive. Most if not all of the busses use special fuel to reduce pollution. Part of the fueling includes used grease from local restaurants, helping to reduce and reuse the valley’s incredibly high grease usage - over twice the national average. As this area does not have the natural resources for fuel, this is an ideal arrangement for the school district. Transportation for students is key as many jobs in Las Vegas have odd hours and parents are not always able to provide their own children with transportation because of their jobs. Another reason why transportation is in such high demand for students is that in the beginning of the school year, the temperatures are still in the 100’s and walking just half a mile to school can be unsafe in such high temperatures. Residents can register for transportation for their children when they register their children for school.

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