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If you are searching for a new home, you will most likely discover that master bedrooms are found on the second floor of most multi-level homes. Traditionally, most homes have been built this way for a long time. For some, it just makes sense to have the master bedroom on the same floor as the other bedrooms and above the "living" area of the home. You can sum it up as the first floor being the "active," day time part of the traditional home and the second floor being the "low key" night time, and more private area. 

Well, the industry is always changing and so are our beloved master bedrooms. Today, you may start to find more and more master bedrooms on the first floor of homes. Here are some of the benefits to owning a home with a first floor master suite.

Growing pains

Many home buyers, especially those in the Baby Boomer generation, are finding that first floor master bedrooms can ease the adjustment into growing older. Having a master bedroom on the first floor alleviates any issues that some may have constantly traveling up and down the stairs. Even minor arthritis problems that can start earlier can be somewhat relieved by avoiding the trips up and down the stairs.

We need some space 

Home buyers with children, particularly teenagers, may find a first floor master bedroom helpful for privacy and space. Many parents have chosen to keep their children's bedrooms upstairs while they settle in the downstairs master bedroom. This can be especially helpful for larger families that just need some space and quiet time away from one another. You can also take advantage of your master bedroom being on the first floor once your home becomes an "empty nest." Homeowners with zoned heating can turn down or turn off the heat on the second floor to cut unnecessary costs.

Be our guest

Another perk of the first floor master is that it's great for "multigenerational living." Today, there are many households with parents, children and grandparents living together under one roof. Older family members can use the master bedroom while the rest of the family uses the upstairs bedrooms. If you have family members, or even guests that frequently visit and stay for periods of time, this can be helpful. It's always great to be able to have loved ones close by.

Show me the money

If you ever decide to downsize or relocate and sell your home, your master bedroom on the first floor could possibly increase your home's value. If you have a buyer that is specifically looking for a master suite on the first floor, this becomes an excellent match. Since first floor masters are a new trend, they may be rarer to find and therefore more desirable for buyers.

If you are on the fence about buying a home with a first floor master bedroom, consider these perks as you continue on your home search. We can help you find a home that provides you with absolutely everything that you want and need!

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