5 Clever Flat Space Savers For Tenants

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 02 February 2016 03:46

These days, Pinterest overflows with all kinds of gadgets and weird furniture for smart and compact storage. But if you’re like me, and live in a rented property, you probably don’t have the extra cash to buy that bed-sofa-and-a-closet-all-in-one… thing. Yes, I bet you don’t. What you could have, though, and it will cost you nothing, are some space saving tips. Little know-how on how to manipulate your existing interior in order to achieve your goal, because storing things under your bed is not cool (not only because of the cleaning part). Below, you will see some great space saving ideas for small apartments, that are landlord-friendly and cost little to nothing.


When you live in a rented property space is precious, money -- also. Amongst all other small room ideas, one stands out -- instead of buying a three part leather sofa you can solve all your sitting and financial headaches with something as simple as an ordinary chair. A whole bunch of them, actually. I can’t think of a reason why this isn’t a big thing. You get your desired seating area, you have flexibility and save money from expensive bulky furniture, all at once. Chairs do a great job as flat space savers and I bet your landlord won’t mind if you spruce up the old furniture in the flat. So what are you waiting for?

Use chairs instead of buying an expensive sofa



The fact that you’re renting your home does not mean that you can’t have awesome stuff like a home cinema. You can live big in a small flat too. Here’s how:

a) place a white screen to double as blinds

b) watch movies with friends and discuss the latest crazy celebrity hairstyles

Easy to set and even more to remove -- a trait that’s worth a lot when you’re renting. May I add, that this thing won’t get any dust, so you’ll have one cleaning chore less to think of. Tenancy cleaning and moving out will be one idea easier.

Window as a projector screen



Flat space savers are a big deal for small apartments and you can use a lot of things to fit the role. For example, you can forget about buying a coffee table and steal your grandpa’s suitcase. Place it where you want it to, decorate it a bit and you’re set. Vintage is in fashion, as they say. Besides, it has a whole lot of a storage room, so you can put away all that stuff that lie underneath your bed right now. With it, you literally have one thing ready when your tenancy agreement comes to an end.

Use a chest or a suitcase as a coffee table



If you have decided to not take advantage of my space saving tips and was just ordering a brand new sofa, then I think you’ll need some advice on its placement. If you put it up against the bed or a shelf of books it will do its role as a flat space saver best. Placing all the furniture in the one end will free up a lot of room. It will make your rented flat look optically bigger that it actually is. If you have to take only one thing from all those space saving tips, let it be that furniture must be placed in clusters.

Place your furniture in clusters - the sofa is up against the bed



When I think of small room ideas and ways to save space, I can’t help but try to utilize all parts of the room. Windows are not an exception as they can be great flat space savers. Most of the time, you’ll have natural light coming in, so why not take advantage of it? Use your windowsill or install a mounted table just below the window to create a cosy working corner on which you can place all your favourite stationery.

Use your windowsill and free up more space


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